Skyrim Gets a New Fall Guys Mod

Skyrim Gets a New Fall Guys Mod

Normally, it is impossible for the entire human race to agree on something. But if there’s one thing we all mutually abominate from the bottom of our hearts, it has to be this year, that is, 2020.

From a catastrophic global pandemic to lamentable bomb blasts and natural calamities, it has been impossible to find rays of positivity at this time.

The times are so unprecedented that the gaming world, too, received a new mod. This latest mod gets gamers a hybrid of adorable little jellies from Fall Guys in the monstrous, bloodthirsty world of Skyrim.

Anyone with the Skyrim Special edition can download the Fall Guys Followers mod concocted by Modder m150 at Nexus Mods.

Dovah-Kiin aka the Dragon Born will be followed and assisted in barbaric, pitiless battles by 10 little, endearing and radiant looking jelly beans along with an enormous jelly.

Anyone reading this must be wondering how cute, small jellies will survive in a fantasy game full of wicked mythological creatures. Right?

To clarify this question, all that can be said is that, there is more than what meets the eye.

As seen in the trailer of this mod, no matter how adorable these jelly beans may seem, they are very violent and belligerent. On top of that, they give full assurance of assaulting foes.

Skyrim Gets a New Fall Guys Mod
Fall Guys | Source: Steam

Since this mod was created from the very scratch, items like guard helmets and winsome roll hats can be made at any forge for usage.

The creator of the Fall Guys Followers mod does deserve a whole lot of credit for incorporating such depths in the game.

This mod certainly brought along glad tidings of delight for all the enthusiasts of Fall Guys as season 2 of the game will be coming into action soon.

One thing to be noted here is that in order to have Fall Guys join you in your quest on Skyrim, installation of Dragonborn DLC is a must.

After downloading and installing the Fall Guys Followers mod, one can spot these jelly beans at Whitewatch Tower which lies to the north of Whiterun. Thus after communicating with them, users can persuade the jellies to offer their services.  

About Fall Guys

Released on August 4 2020, Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout is a battle royale developed by Mediatonic for platforms like PlayStation 4 and Microsoft Windows.

It is one of those battle royale which without even a hint of explosives and fireworks offers a gameplay that is nothing short of dramatic and out of the ordinary moments.

Skyrim Gets a New Fall Guys Mod
Fall Guys | Source: Steam

Fall Guys deploys a quick tempo gameplay where up to 60 players engage as adorable jelly like characters. One can specially alter the design of jelly as per the inclinations too.

To further emphasize this, the game is divided into distinct mini-games. Every mini-game varies from another. If one requires users to eliminate others then the next mini-game demands players to join hands and put on a display of joint effort.

Every match of the game lasts for a span of 15 minutes and overflows with running, bouncing, jumping and snatching items so as to avoid obstacles and elimination from a particular round. The last standing gamer is declared as the winner.

Being slow here means elimination, simple as that.

About Skyrim

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim was developed by Betheseda Game Studios for platforms like Microsoft WindowsPlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Xbox 360, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch.

Skyrim Gets a New Fall Guys Mod
Skyrim | Source: Steam

The plot of this role-playing action game takes gamers to the events that took place 200 years after the occasion of Oblivion.

Set in a place known as Skyrim, the story involves Dovah-Kiin aka the Dragon Born who is on a crusade to defeat Alduin or else the entire world will be burned to the ground and be all demolished.