Plans for Some Activision Games to Become Xbox Exclusive Titles

Plans for Some Activision Games to Become Xbox Exclusive Titles

The gaming community is in a tizzy on the bombshell Microsoft dropped on all of us yesterday. For those who are not aware, Microsoft is all set to acquire Activision Blizzard for nearly $70 billion, making it one of the biggest company acquisitions in gaming history. News is still scarce on the deal, but it appears one side effect of the purchase could be that many games from Activision Blizzard could become Xbox exclusive. 

The acquisition announcement came on Tuesday morning; a week earlier, Phil Spencer, Xbox CEO, had stated that they would have to re-evaluate their relationship with Activision Blizzard. This new relationship might mean that some new games may no longer be available on the PlayStation system. 

Plans for Some Activision Games to Become Xbox Exclusive Titles
Xbox and Activision Blizzard | Source: Xbox

A recent report from Bloomberg tells us that Microsoft plans to continue offering some Activision Blizzard titles on other platforms, including Sony. However, the report also clarifies that some of the higher-ups in Xbox plan to make some of the acquired company’s games Xbox exclusive. Both of these varieties will also be available on the Xbox Game Pass, so it appears that it will be the same approach Xbox had when acquiring Bethesda.

The only question on everyone’s minds is how many games Xbox will allow other platforms to access. Before being acquired by Microsoft, most of Bethesda’s catalog is still available on PlayStation and the Nintendo Switch. However, none of the upcoming Bethesda titles are coming to any consoles other than Xbox. 

Plans for Some Activision Games to Become Xbox Exclusive Titles
Call of Duty Vanguard | Source: Call of Duty

We should know more about the acquisition and how Microsoft is planning the takeover in the coming days. This includes what will happen with the CEO of Activision Blizzard, Bobby Kotick, who is still in charge of the company until the acquisition is closed. 

When the deal will close and Microsoft will gain complete control is yet to be revealed. A leaked email from Bobby Kotick suggests that it could take over a year, with his guess being the deal to be finalized by June 2023. 

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