PlayStation 5 To Get 20+ New Games in 2022 According to Sony

PlayStation 5 To Get 20+ New Games in 2022 According to Sony

The previous year was big for Sony as it was the first full year of the PlayStation 5, and the next-gen console got several major titles on the platform. Between games like Call of Duty: Vanguard and Deathloop, the console had a very eventful 2021. As we step into 2022, Sony has revealed that a lot is coming to the PS5 in the next twelve months. 

Over the last year, we got information about some big names coming to the PlayStation 5, such as Elden Ring and Horizon Forbidden WestElden Ring finally got a hard February release date, so we are not too far from experiencing FromSoftware’s latest creation. PlayStation 4 games such as Ghost of Tsushima and Death Stranding also made the jump to next-gen with their respective Director’s Cut editions. Sony’s “22 in ‘22” list is now a roadmap of the future. 

PlayStation 5 To Get 20+ New Games in 2022 According to Sony
PlayStation 5 New Games in 2022 | Source: PlayStation

The list contains some of the biggest names in the gaming sphere coming to the PlayStation 5, with Sony’s Horizon Forbidden West claiming the top spot. It seems the leak of the early build of the game has yet to affect its reputation. Other names include the previously mentioned Elden Ring along with God of War RagnarokUncharted: Legacy of Thieves Collection, and Dying Light 2 in the top 5. 

PlayStation 5 To Get 20+ New Games in 2022 According to Sony
Horizon Forbidden West | Source: PlayStation

The rest of the list features other prominent title names set to release in 2022. Gran Turismo 7 and Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin are among the top 10 upcoming games. The bottom half of the list shows several high-profile indie games such as Salt and Sacrifice and SifuSifu in particular looks very interesting, as the concept of death becoming a part of the gameplay by giving you more upgrades and better skills is a unique approach. While games like Sekiro have already given players control over the death mechanic, this fresh take will be fun to play around with. 

The PlayStation 5 may have many new games coming out this year, but Sony is still struggling to meet the overwhelming demand for the console. The shortages in the market have kneecapped the PS5 sales since the September 2020 launch due to the lack of semiconductors affecting the entire technological industry. 

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