Star Wars: Battlefront II Hits Milestone After Epic Games Giveaway

Star Wars: Battlefront II Hits Milestone After Epic Games Giveaway

Star Wars: Battlefront II reached a new milestone last week during Epic Games Store’s free giveaway. Around 19 million players grabbed the game during the giveaway.

After its launch in 2017, Star Wars: Battlefront II was not well-received by players. The main culprit behind it was that the game featured microtransactions and loot boxes, many of which required the players to spend real-world money to unlock some of the most popular characters of the franchise – Darth Vader, Luke Skywalker, and Princess Leia.

However, seeing the numbers after the Epic Games Store’s giveaway, it seems the game has developed a gradual fan-following.

EA announced on Twitter that more than 19 million players got Star Wars: Battlefront II from the Epic Games Store during their weeklong giveaway.

While being initially hated by fans for the microtransactions and loot boxes, Star Wars: Battlefront II has come a long way. Shortly after its release, the microtransactions were temporarily and later, permanently removed.

To redeem the game, the developers announced all future DLCs would be free, and after two years, Star Wars: Battlefront II’s popularity has grown steadily. Fans have also realized that it is a decent game.

The game’s popularity can be gauged from the fact that when it was made available for free on the Epic Games Store, so many players claimed it that it led to EA’s servers crashing.

Players who claimed the game during the weeklong giveaway were given access to the Celebration Edition of Star Wars: Battlefront II, which includes every update, DLCs, and customization options since the game launched, all the way up to The Rise of Skywalker update.

According to the developers, the game received its final content update in the form of the Battle of Scarif. In the update, the players get to experience ground battles on Hoth, Tatooine, Yavin 4, Scarif, and the second Death Star. Furthermore, the update added Scarif and Crait to the Heroes vs. Villains game mode. It also gave players the option to play co-op mode with AI companions.

With its popularity soaring and new players joining, now is an excellent time to revisit Star Wars: Battlefront II.

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About Star Wars: Battlefront II

Developed by EA DICE, Star Wars: Battlefront II is an action shooter video game based on the Star Wars franchise. It was released in 2017 and is the fourth main installment of the Star Wars: Battlefront series.

Set in-between the films Return of the Jedi and The Force Awakens, Star Wars: Battlefront II features both single-player and multiplayer game modes.

The story-driven campaign depicts the climax of the Galactic Civil War and the downfall of the Galactic Empire from the perspective of Imperial commander-turned-Rebel Alliance soldier Iden Version.