Rumor Says Switch Pro Pre-Order Starts June 4th

Rumor Says Switch Pro Pre-Order Starts June 4th

While Nintendo has kept its silence, a lot of news and information regarding a revision of the Nintendo Switch console, dubbed the “Switch Pro,” sprung up last week. The news ranged from it being powered with an NVIDIA GPU to having a Microsoft Surface-like kickstand and Ethernet connectivity. There were even reports from insiders on supposed release dates, saying that it may be a Fall release and hinting at a pre-E3 reveal.

The latest piece of info is a listing on Amazon Mexico for a “New Nintendo Switch Pro,” which was then later changed to a generic product ID number. Games insider Shpeshal_Nick recently also stated that we might get an announcement or reveal of a new Switch system on Thursday, June 3rd. Another insider has also said to have confirmation of a listing for the Switch Pro going live on June 4th.

Reputed Pokemon leaker CentroLeaks tweeted out that they had received inside information that pre-order listings for the new Switch console will go live at midnight on June 4th. The specific time zone for this announcement has not been stated. Still, the listing is said to be for a “big retailer’s internal system.” CentroLeaks added another tweet stating that they have another listing with a June 30th release date, which they say may be a placeholder.

Fans speculate that the June 4th listing will most likely be a non-US retailer. If the Switch Pro is revealed on Thursday, as according to Shpeshal_Nick, then pre-orders going live around midnight June 4th does seem likely. Fans are also speculating that the Switch Pro listing may come from Walmart Canada, which is known for leaking video game information in the past.

Rumor Says Switch Pro Pre-Order Starts June 4th
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With how things are going, a new Nintendo Switch console may drop at any moment, either through a Nintendo Direct or a shadow-dropped trailer similar to the Nintendo Switch Lite. Many rumors surround the new Switch console, including a 7-inch Samsung OLED display, NVIDIA’s DLSS technology, a higher price point, and more.

E3 is just around the corner, and Nintendo still hasn’t so much hinted at the possibility of a new Switch console. They haven’t even announced a date for their E3 conference. Some are speculating that they are waiting for the reveal of the Switch Pro to announce the conference date, but we’ll have to wait and see what they have up their sleeves.

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