Investigate Tryggr’s murder – AC Valhalla Walls & Shadows Guide 

Investigate Tryggr’s murder – AC Valhalla Walls & Shadows Guide 

“Walls and shadows” is the very first mission you will receive during the City of War saga arc. You need to complete this mission to move ahead into the main storyline of Assassin’s Creed Valhalla.  

In this mission, you will have to investigate Trygrr’s murder and figure out who killed your ally. But, you need to fulfill some requirements to unlock the “Walls and Shadows” quest in Assassin’s Creed Valhalla.  

To get the “Walls and Shadows” mission you need to start a pledge with Lunden on the Alliance Map in Ravensthorpe. It’s recommended to have a power level of 90 before you talk to Randvi and make the pledge. 

This mission is known to be difficult, as getting some clues in the villa can be tricky. Therefore, to help you out, I’ve made a complete walkthrough of the Walls and Shadows mission in Assassin’s Creed Valhalla.  

Travelling to Lunden 

Investigate Tryggr's murder - AC Valhalla Walls & Shadows Guide
Travelling to Lunden 

You will need to go to Lunden to complete the Walls and Shadows quest in Assassin’s Creed Valhalla. You will need to interact with a person named Stowe to progress ahead into the mission, but you get ambushed by Norse Warriors.  

After defeating the enemies, Stowe will take you to the villa where you will find Tryggr lying dead. Now, you have to solve the mystery behind his murder by looking for clues inside the place.  

Investigating Trygrr’s Murder 

You will need to gather four different clues while investigating Trygrr’s Murder to move ahead into the story. Here’s how you can find them: 

I. The First Clue 

Investigate Tryggr's murder - AC Valhalla Walls & Shadows Guide
Examining the Chair

The first clue to Trygrr’s murder is the letter nailed to his corpse that warns against three pagans into the town. You can find this note by examining the chair where Trygrr is seated.  

This note mentions three people by their nicknames: The Leech, The Arrow, and The Compass. It’s written by someone who calls himself the Poor Fellow-Soldier of Christ.  

II. The Second Clue 

You can find the second clue at the entrance of the villa in the form of footprints. This suggests that three unknown people entered the house, one of which was rather large, while the other two had a regular body build.  

These footprints are easy to spot as there are several marks on the entrance and the clue is highlighted by the sunlight that’s coming from the entrance.  

III.  The Third Clue 

You need to find barber’s tools in the corner of the villa to get the third clue for Tyrggr’s murder. They can be found by breaking the wooden crates inside the room.  

The tools are covered in blood which suggests that they were used to decapitate Tryggr’s head from this body. After this, you need to find one last clue to finish this segment of the quest.  

IV. The Fourth Clue 

Investigate Tryggr's murder - AC Valhalla Walls & Shadows Guide
Climb on Top of the Roof

You can get the fourth and final clue on the ceiling, where a dead man is hanging. Here, you need to take a look at the Roman seal in his hand. You will need to climb on top of the roof to find the corpse.  

After gathering all the clues, Eivor will explain the events regarding Trygrr’s murder in a cutscene and you will be prompted to go to the Mithraic temple. You can find the entrance to this place on the east of the mansion, where it’ll take you underground.  

In this temple, you will need to conduct another investigation and find out who is behind the Order.  

Investigating the Mithraic temple 

After entering the Mithraic temple, you will need to find three different clues to move ahead in the quest. Here’s how you can reach them in Assassin’s Creed Valhalla: 

I. The First Clue 

Investigate Tryggr's murder - AC Valhalla Walls & Shadows Guide
Read the Letter on the Table

You can find the first clue in the Mithraic temple in the form of a letter lying on a stand in the room. It isn’t hard to spot as it’s placed near a candle, which makes the clue visible from afar. 

This letter indicates that The Compass was the person behind this incident, as he ordered the Arrow to put archers at the West Marketplace. You will go there on the next mission to learn more about these intruders.  

II. The Second Clue 

You can find the second clue, the surgical tools, similar to the ones Evior found at the place of Trygrr’s murder, lying on a wooden table. Additionally, you will also get a letter that describes a planned payment for the blacksmith.  

It isn’t too difficult to look for this clue either, as the place is well-lit, and there aren’t obstacles you have to overcome to find the tools. 

III. The Last Clue 

Investigate Tryggr's murder - AC Valhalla Walls & Shadows Guide
Break the Wooden Wall

You need to go up to the wall near the wooden table and move the rack of packages to get into the room to get the last clue of the Walls and Shadows quest. After that, break the wooden wall in the area to find a letter which completes the task of finding clues about the Order.  

This letter shows the messages exchanged by The Compass and The Leech. After gathering all the clues, go back to Stowe and Erke and report to them what you’ve found in the Mithraic Temple to complete the Walls and Shadows quest. 

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