The Last of Us Remake Could Reportedly Feature the Faction Mode 

The Last of Us Remake Could Reportedly Feature the Faction Mode 

When The Last of Us was released back in 2013, it was accompanied by a multiplayer mode called Factions. While it was the game’s plot that stole all the laurels, Factions was still an essential component of the action-adventure title, and therefore, many were hoping for it to return when The Last of Us 2 was announced. 

But unfortunately, the return of Joel and Ellie on PlayStation consoles in 2020 was without the popular multiplayer mode as the game focused on a single-player experience only. Thankfully, this didn’t mean that Sony was leaving the mode to be hung out to dry. 

Speculations haven’t stopped flying in since Naughty Dogs confirmed working on Factions. Some revealed that Factions is expected to be a standalone title, while others suggested that the mode will be added to TLOU2 as a part of an update.  

But now, a recent rumor changes the narrative yet again. According to a tweet from Michael Huber of Easy Allies, The Last of Us’ PS5 Remake is expected to pack the new Factions mode. 

Unfortunately, the leaker did not reveal anything about his sources; therefore, fans must take this piece of information with a grain of salt. As it stands, moving forward with skepticism is the best thing to do, given how scarce the details are at the moment. 

While Naughty Dog has confirmed the development of Factions, anything official about The Last of Us’ PS5 remake still isn’t public even though reliable sources have verified its existence. 

The Last of Us Remake Could Reportedly Feature the Faction Mode
The Last of Us Remake | Source: Fandom

Only time will tell when and how the developer and publisher plan on rolling out the beloved multiplayer mode. For now, all enthusiasts can do is find refuge in the fact that no matter what the form, TLOU’s online offering shall come to light sooner or later. 

ABOUT The Last of Us PS5 Remake

The Last of Us is a 2013 action-adventure game developed by Naughty Dog and published by Sony Computer Entertainment. The Remake of the title is a tentative project being developed for the PlayStation 5. 

Players control Joel, who is tasked with taking care of Ellie and delivering her to a group called The Fireflies. In a world overrun by the cordyceps fungus, which has infected humanity, Joel must fight off those who have become a host to the fungus and also survivors who are looking to do them harm.