The Wait’s Over! Squad Is Ready for Its Full Release

The Wait’s Over! Squad Is Ready for Its Full Release

Not every gamer likes to spread bullets in all the directions to wipe out foes with a bright smirk. Some prefer to rely on their brain and shoot intelligently.

To such players, I always recommend Squad!

It is not the kind of game where you pick up your favorite gun and head into the battle with absolute confidence of causing a massacre.

While playing Squad, players will have to strategize their combat approach. The game brims with realism. Thus, lowering your guard will result in only one thing: Death.

The Wait’s Over! Squad Is Ready for Its Full Release
Squad | Source: Steam

The hype surrounding this warfare game knew no bounds since Squad was announced as the “spiritual successor” to Battlefield 2.

The game quickly received applauds from gamers throughout the world owing to its fast-paced battle, gargantuan maps, and a wide range of distinct vehicles.

As tactically developed Squad is, it does lack in terms of performance and graphics.

The obsession of this gaming era with remarkable visuals is crazy. However, this should not stop you from trying Squad. What it lacks in terms of graphics, it makes up with it’s strategically calculated gameplay.

Squad was released in 2015 and was available on Steam Early Access. Since 2015, the game had never moved from early access. Now finally after a span of five years, Squad is set to receive its full official release.

Squad - Launch Trailer

Under the new 1.0 update, countless changes will be incorporated by this online multiplayer game. One such is the coming of a new map named Fallujah.

In this new addition, developer Offworld Industries said that it is “one of our most dense city environments to date.”

Another major change to be housed by Squad is that now, 100 players can play the game at the same time.

When the game was in its Early Access stage, the limit was set to 80 players. Now, 20 more players can play this first-person shooter. For gamers, this means that in every step they take, danger will surround them.

It must be noted that the game will not incorporate all the changes in one go. It will take till 2021 for all the upgrades to be implemented in the game.

To read about every upgrade that Squad will pack, one can go to Steam’s website.

The Wait’s Over! Squad Is Ready for Its Full Release
Squad | Source: Steam

If any enthusiast out there wants to buy this game, now is the perfect time as it is being sold at a 25% discounted price. This offer ends on September 30 so hurry up!

About Squad

Developed and published by Offworld Industries, Squad is an online tactical FPS game. One cannot win this multiplayer warfare by relying on gunfire and brawn alone. To succeed, players will have to utilize their intelligence and develop deep strategies.

Squad requires players to choose a role to play. Thus many classes like engineers, distinct riflemen, and medics are available. The game has a very swift combat pace, it houses gargantuan maps along with a variety of vehicles like tanks, IFVs, and helicopters, etc.

Constant communication and joint effort is a must while playing this game. If members of a squad team do not join hands then they will cease to exist! So show your team spirit and emerge victorious in this realistic shooting game.