Valheim Arrows: All Arrows and How to Craft Them

Valheim Arrows: All Arrows and How to Craft Them

Arrows are the go-to ranged weapon in Valheim, and if you want to hunt bigger prey, you better do it from afar.

Valheim, the survival RPG game that’s all the rage right now, has no shortage of creatures to defeat and conquer. After starting with axes, you would probably need to get a bow and arrow. I’ve compiled this spoiler-free post of all the arrows in Valheim and how to craft them.

1. Arrows in Valheim

Valheim divides arrows into two categories, basic and special arrows. The basic ones are there to pierce stuff and get the job done. Special arrows, on the other hand, have a trick or two rolled up their sleeve.

I. Basic Arrows

i. Wood Arrow

Requires – 8 Wood

How To Craft In Wood Arrows In Valheim

It’s the most basic arrow and the first one to get unlocked. You can craft a wooden arrow as soon as you craft the Workbench. A good starter piece to get those deer skins.

Damage – 22 (Pierce), 10 (Knockback)

Effect – -5% Movement Speed

ii. Flinthead Arrow

Requires – 8 Wood, 2 Flint, 2 Feathers

Valheim Arrows: All Arrows and How to Craft Them
Gather Flint in Valheim to Craft the Flinthead Arrows

Tired of being the most basic hunter on the land? Level up to the Flinthead Arrow, which adds a punch to the wood arrow.

Damage – 27 (Pierce), 10 (Knockback)

Effect – -5% Movement Speed

iii. Bronzehead Arrow

Requires – 8 Wood, 1 Bronze, 2 Feathers

Moving up from the Workbench, it’s time to hit the Forge! Collect enough Bronze, and you can craft the Bronzehead Arrow, which is superior to the Flinthead Arrow in terms of raw offensive potential.

Valheim Arrows: All Arrows and How to Craft Them
Use the Forge to Get Bronze Weapons

Damage – 32 (Pierce), 10 (Knockback)

iv. Ironhead Arrow

Requires – 8 Wood, 1 Iron, 2 Feathers

What’s next to Bronze? Iron obviously! Step up the Forge game to get Iron, and you can get Ironhead arrows. The good thing is these arrows can even be found in the Sunken Crypts at the Swamp Biome too.

Valheim Arrows: All Arrows and How to Craft Them
Venture into the Sunken Crypts in search of Iron

Damage – 42 (Pierce), 10 (Knockback)

v. Obsidian Arrow

Requires – 8 Wood, 4 Obsidian, 2 Feathers

We’re now past the basic elements of nature and have ascended on to a different plane. Take a hike to the mountain biome, and you will find some Obsidian (if you brought your iron pickaxe). Craft an Obsidian arrow and see the fear in the eyes of your enemies.

Damage – 52 (Pierce), 10 (Knockback)

Effect – -5% Movement Speed

vi. Needle Arrow

Requires – 4 Needle, 2 Feathers

We in the endgame now. The arrow with the most damage stats and the only one with a higher knockback potential than any other arrow is the Needle Arrow. The only caveat? You’ve got to kill some fast buggers to get the essential element: the needle.

Valheim Arrows: All Arrows and How to Craft Them
Killing Deathsquito drops Needle in Valheim | Source: Fandom

Damage – 62 (Pierce), 10 (Knockback)

Effect – -5% Movement Speed

II. Special Arrows

i. Fire Arrow

Recipe – 8 Wood, 8 Resin, 2 Feathers

Kill Giant Trolls With Fire Arrows | #Valheim

The fire arrow, well, it lights stuff on fire! Apart from having a cool icon (in my opinion), it’s fun to shoot and see your target burst up in flames. Cast this one from your Workbench.

Damage – 11 (Pierce), 10 (Knockback), 22 (Fire)

Effect – -5% Movement Speed

ii. Frost Arrow

Recipe – 8 Wood, 4 Obsidian, 2 Feathers, 1 Freeze Gland

Valheim Arrows: All Arrows and How to Craft Them
Hunt down Drakes to get Freeze Glands in Valheim | Source: Fandom

What can counter fire? Ice, duh! First, you need to gather some Freeze Glands (great name by the devs, by the way); these can be only found by hunting down Drakes in the Mountain Biome. Don’t ask me what the rapper is doing in the cold.

Damage – 26 (Pierce), 10 (Knockback), 52 (Frost)

Effect – -5% Movement Speed

iii. Poison Arrow

Recipe – 8 Wood, 4 Obsidian, 2 Feathers, 2 Ooze

Valheim Arrows: All Arrows and How to Craft Them
Oozer in the Swamp Biome drops Ooze, the backbone for Poison Arrows | Source: Fandom

Is a pointed wooden stick not enough for your enemies? Do you want to antagonise them further by infecting them with some poison? Then the poison arrows are for you. They will inflict additional damage to the target if you hit your mark, that is.

Damage – 26 (Pierce), 10 (Knockback), 52 (Poison)

iv. Silver Arrow

Recipe – 8 Wood, 1 Silver, 2 Feathers

Valheim Arrows: All Arrows and How to Craft Them
Use the Wishbone to find Silver

“A needle to calm restless spirits” perhaps the coolest description among all the arrows in Valheim. Push your Forge to Level 3, and you will have the ability to craft Silver arrows. They pack a punch in base damage relative to other special arrows.

Damage – 52 (Pierce), 10 (Knockback), 20 (Spirit)

2. About Valheim

Developed by Iron Gate AB, Valheim is an online open-world Survival craft co-op game. Here, players will control dead Vikings and fight Odin’s ancient enemies and monsters.

In order to enter paradise, players will have to please Odin and prove their worth to the allfather.

The journey will not be easy as at every step, the danger of supernatural entities will loom. Players will have to venture out, explore various landforms, craft, and get stronger.