Big Changes Coming to Valheim’s Blocking, Health and Stamina Systems

Big Changes Coming to Valheim’s Blocking, Health and Stamina Systems

Around a week ago, Valheim released a short video that detailed some in-game changes coming to the Hearth and Home update. The footage showcased how the game’s food system is going to be overhauled, adding variety and a difference between a player’s health and stamina. Now, the dev team has released another short video that gives more info on this very topic.

While Valheim’s hype seems to have died down from its initial release window, the player base is still sizeable.

After all, it did reign supreme on Steam’s Top Seller charts for a while. A major chunk of the appeal comes from the fact that Valheim has something for every kind of player. And with the Hearth and Home update, players are going to have a lot more to explore.

Iron Gate Studios recently posted a short video onto their YouTube channel that delves deeper into the changes that Valheim Hearth and Home will bring. The narrator has focused on health vs. stamina and how eating specific foods can change a gamer’s playstyle in-game.

For offensive players who take the fight to the enemy, the stamina-boosting foods will be more their choice. For those who prefer to be defensive tanks, health-boosting foods will increase your health pool, allowing you to face foes for longer.

Hearth & Home Spotlight: Health vs. Stamina
Hearth & Home Spotlight: Health vs Stamina

The video states that a player’s overall health bar is directly related to their ability to block using any of the game’s shields. A stagger bar is also being introduced and will also be tied to the player’s health.

Players have been warned to keep an eye on this bar, as when it becomes full, the player will be staggered for some time.

With this update, even the player’s ability to keep standing is affected by the health bar. Both health and stamina will play critical roles in building a base; stamina will allow players to keep constructing for more extended periods, and health will keep them alive in the eventuality of an accidental fall.

The Hearth and Home update has been slated for release by the third quarter of 2021. We don’t have an official release date yet, but fans are already looking forward to what new content they’ll get.

Players should keep an eye on the official Valheim social media pages, as the following video will go in-depth about in-game blocking and shields.

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