Your Favorite Valheim Dishes are Changing Soon with an Update

Your Favorite Valheim Dishes are Changing Soon with an Update

Valheim is all about the fantastic crafting and building system, and the cooking mechanics have been one of the favorites amongst fans. While it’s not a mandatory mechanic, the health and stamina benefits you get from eating some of the best dishes make the practice as important as wearing armor.

Now, with the Hearth and Home update, the food system will be getting some exciting changes. The game’s developers Iron Gate Studios recently released a video introducing what players will be encountering in the new update.

Hearth & Home Spotlight: New Food System

There are a ton of different foods in Valheim, but all of them currently do some combination of increasing your max hit points, amplifying your healing rate, and boosting max stamina. Now, in the reworked system, all foods will fall into three categories.

While there will still be foods that boost health and stamina for a balanced meal, many will now favor one over the other.

Currently, cooked lox meat raises health by 70 points and stamina by 40 points. The video shows that these numbers may change with the Hearth and Home update to 50 health and 10 stamina.

Not only does that lower the effect on both parameters, but it also changes lox meat to stamina-based food as the revised health boost is so slight it barely makes a difference.

Blood pudding will change from a 90/50 health/stamina combo to 14/70. Turnip stew will go from 50/60 to 11/55. These are the most significant changes coming to the foods list that currently benefit both stats and post-update will just focus on fortifying your stamina.

New foods are also coming to the game with this update, one being a black soup (50 health, 10 stamina), boar jerky (20/20), and wolf jerky (25/25).

Valheim Making Foods

UI will also be seeing some changes. A red fork icon will denote foods that primarily give health, a yellow fork for food that gives stamina, and a white fork for foods that provide both.

The food status bar is also being removed and will be replaced by timers that show how long the effect of the foods you have consumed will last.

While some players won’t like the changes, it’s sure to mix up the kind of foods many players use. Usually, after finding a few recipes that satisfy the players’ needs, they won’t really experiment with other dishes.

New food items also mean new resources need to be farmed, which is always fun.

However, with foods focusing on a single attribute, players will have to carry around a lot more dishes when heading out. This can seriously eat away at some inventory space.

We can expect to learn more about the Hearth and Home update soon. Iron Gate Studios has said this is a first of a series of videos showcasing the different aspects of the update before it arrives later this year.

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