Valheim’s Final Boss Vs. 50 Wolves. Who Wins?

Valheim’s Final Boss Vs. 50 Wolves. Who Wins?

Players have been taming wolves in Valheim for some time now. Unlike tamed boars, they will actually follow you around as a companion and fight against your enemies too. A two star wolf can go toe to toe against Valheim’s first boss Eikthyr.

But what about against the final boss in Valheim? And what if we add 49 other wolves for backup? That’s what one intrepid Redditor wanted to find out.

Valheim’s Final Boss. 50 Wolves. Who Wins?
Wolf in Valheim | Source: Fandom

u/WoodDivision5 has been busy growing his wolf-pack, despite the constant howling which causes many to give up on their dreams to have an army of canines. Starting with a pair of two-star wolves, WoodDivision5 bred 48 more furry companions and went to battle the final boss in Valheim, Yagluth.

Might be hard to believe, but the giant skeleton doesn’t seem so tough when he’s being hounded (heh) by an army of fur and teeth. The battle lasted for around 11 seconds. Yagluths massive health bar appears once he’s been summoned and within 6 seconds he was down to half health. In fact, it’s over just as the boss lifts his hand to attack for the first time since the beginning of the ‘battle’.

Now you must be wondering, “How exactly do I breed so many wolves?” WoodDivision5 says that they used a version of the “boar machine” breeding tower method. Basically, two wolves are trapped in a small chamber at the top of a tower where food can easily be distributed. The animals are happy, they breed and the offspring fall through the gaps in the floorboards into a collection pen below. This keeps the pair at the top of the tower breeding, as breeding stops once there are too many adults in a single area.

Valheim’s Final Boss. 50 Wolves. Who Wins?
Yagluth Boss in Valheim

Transportation is another hassle altogether. You can’t take 50 wolves on a ship with you and walking from your initial base all the way to the summoning altar isn’t exactly viable either. WoodDivision5 said that they took a pair of wolves, the initial pair, one at a time by boat to a breeding tower they had set up on the Plains near Yagluth’s summoning altar.

What’s really surprising is that not even one wolf died during the fight. If 11 seconds can be called a ‘fight’. After the battle, WoodDivision5 said that he freed all the wolves as not only does having too many wolves in one spot majorly affect your fps, but also the players’ sanity by their constant howling. So, if you’re planning on taking on Yagluth with 50 wolves, we recommend you mute the game while you build your army.

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