The Eagerly Awaited Hearth and Home Update for Valheim is Here!

The Eagerly Awaited Hearth and Home Update for Valheim is Here!

Valheim was, and still is in many circles, the talk of the town when it came to indie survival games. Released on Steam in the Early Access phase, the game saw massive popularity, topping the Steam sales charts for consecutive weeks by a wide margin. Now, Iron Gate Studios has finally released the first major content update for the game: Hearth & Home.

Iron Gate AB, the developers, have been overwhelmed by the success of their Viking survival adventure title, so much so that they even increased their team!

The Hearth & Home update is Valheim’s first significant content DLC, and while the name may sound like it would bring a very focused set of features, it actually brings a wide array of them.

Hearth & Home does introduce a ton of new furniture and craftable items for building, but it also reworked systems like the food and cooking. It also aims to rebalance every weapon in Valheim, adds pet taming, revises the game’s blocking and shield systems, and has also teased a secret for players to hunt.

The list of patch notes for Hearth & Home is surprisingly short but does detail some of the new content being added to the game. 10 new food items have been added, though Iron Gate notes that it is actually 12. New weapons have also been introduced into the game, such as the Crystal Battleaxe, Silver Knife, and a Butcher Knife, along with the Bone Tower Shield and Iron Buckler.

The Eagerly Awaited Hearth & Home Update for Valheim is Here!
Valheim- Hearth & Home

Regarding new furniture and building material, there is now a new Darkwood style of building pieces for shingles roofs, beams, and decorations. Items such as a stone throne and a Viking hot tub have also made their way into the game.

A new Crystal tier of walls has been included, which offers added protection. Notable new crafting structures include a Cartography Table for sharing map data, an Oven for baking bread and pies, the Obliterator, which destroys items, and an Iron cooking station required for cooking meat.

There is likely some, and maybe a lot, of content that has not been included in the patch notes for the Hearth & Home update. Iron Gate has already commented on this topic before, stating that they want players to discover the new content on their own. We’re excited to see what’s in store for us, and the end of Valheim’s new teaser trailer does drop a hint for us.

Valheim Hearth & Home – Out now!

While Valheim has already received a significant update, the fact is that it remains in Early Access on Steam. This means that Iron Gate still has plans for more features and content before the game officially launches. We’ll have to wait and see what the studio has planned for the game in the future.

About Valheim

Developed by Iron Gate AB, Valheim is an online open-world Survival craft co-op game. Here, players will control dead Vikings and fight Odin’s ancient enemies and monsters.

In order to enter paradise, players will have to please Odin and prove their worth to the allfather.

The journey will not be easy as at every step, the danger of supernatural entities will loom. Players will have to venture out, explore various landforms, craft, and get stronger.