Hogwarts Legacy: All Infamous Foe Locations.

Hogwarts Legacy: All Infamous Foe Locations.

Hogwarts Legacy has 21 Infamous Foe Locations. Finding all Infamous Foes is required to complete all Enemies Collections and to get the Collector’s Edition trophy and achievement.

Defeating Hogwarts Legacy Infamous Foes in combat will earn you points toward achieving your money. 

Be careful, though, as they are significantly more brutal than the regular foes, with a few quickly reaching the Hogwarts Legacy max level. 

Let’s get into the location of all these infamous foes. 

1. Hogsmeade Valley (4 Infamous Foes) 

I. Infamous Foe #1: Rampant Dugbog. 

The Rampant Dugbog is located by the winding river directly south of the East North Ford Bog Floo Flame at the base of a waterfall. The Rampant Dugbod is relatively easy compared to standard Dugborg enemies.

However, it sits by a group of around 5 Cottongrass Dugbogs, so players need to dodge roll or use Protego to defend against their tongue-swiping attacks, which can be devastating. 

II. Infamous Foe #2: Tempest Thorne

Found in the Open World, in the east of Hogsmeade valley, in a castle with many enemies. The gate will be closed, but you can fly there using the Flying Broom.

III. Infamous Foe #3: Bardolph Beaumont’s Corpse

Boss during Side Quest: Brother’s Keeper. The quest starts in the town “Upper Hogsfield” in Hogsmeade Valley. Its main objective is to defeat this foe during the quest. 

Note: The region counter for Hogsmeade Valley is known to bug out and may not increase the counter +1 from this enemy. However, it should get added to the Enemies Collection Menu correctly.

IV. Infamous Foe #4: Gwendolyn Zhou

Players can find an Infamous Foe called Gwendolyn Zhou during A Basis For Blackmail side quest with a companion Natty inside the Ashwinder Hideout located by the Hogs Head in Hogsmeade.

2. Forbidden Forest (I Infamous Foe) 

I. Infamous Foe #5: The Absconder

The Absconder Infamous Foe is a giant spider Infamous Foe that players can locate by completing the Absconder Encounter side quest. It takes players to the northeast area of the Forbidden Forest, to the south, the North Ford Bog Entrance Floo Flame. 

3. North Hogwarts Region (1 Infamous Foe)

I. Infamous Foe #6: Pergit

Pergit is the only Infamous Foe located in the North Hogwarts region in the Korrow Ruins and is discoverable through the Tales of Rowland Oakes’s side quest. Players can begin this quest by speaking to Adelaide Oakes in the Transfiguration Courtyard in the Astronomy Wing at Hogwarts Castle. 

4. South Hogwarts Region (1 Infamous Foe)

I. Infamous Foe #7: The Isatiable Spider

The Insatiable Spider is an Infamous Foe found during the Tangled Web side quest. The spider is located towards the end of the sidequest, which takes players from Hogsmeade to Aranshire in the South Hogwarts region.

Hogwarts Legacy: All Infamous Foe Locations.
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5. Hogwarts Valley (5 Infamous Foes)

I. Infamous Foe #8 and #9: The Grim and The White Wolf 

The Grim and The White Wolf are discoverable inside a small cave by the fast western cliff west of the Keenbridge Floo Flame. 

To find the Grim, head to the river’s end and across the small arched bridge to find a small cave entrance. It’s best to lure the Grim outside and defeat the White Wolf inside the cave infested with Inferi. 

II. Infamous Foe #10: Quagmire Troll

The Quagmire Troll Infamous Foe is located to the northeast of the Northern South Sea Bog Floo Flame near the riverbank area. Unless players have devastating spells like Avada Kedavra, The Quagmire Troll is a difficult opponent, especially when surrounding Dugbogs join the battle. 

III. Infamous Foe #11: Alexandra’s Troll

Alexandra’s Troll is an Infamous Foe that players encounter during the Troll Control side quest, which players can begin in the hamlet of Brocburrow. Use the Brocburrow Floo Flame to quickly travel to the area and locate and speak to Alexandra Rickett to start the quest.

IV. Infamous Foe #12: The Riparian Troll 

The Riparian Troll is an Infamous Foe located in the Hogwarts Valley region. Players can find this troll by completing the “Beeting” A Curse side quest, where players can discover the troll inside the Dale Family tomb near Brocburrow.

6. Feldcroft Region (2 Infamous Foes)

I. Infamous Foe #13: Belgruff the Bludgeoner

Belgruff the Bludhgeoner is a goblin Infamous Foe located in the Bandit Camp Castle northwest of the Feldcroft Floo Flame. 

II. Infamous Foe #14: Catrin Haggarty 

They are in a tent inside the Small Bandit Camp in the northeast Feldcroft Region, north of the North Feldcroft Floo Flame. This Infamous Floo only appears when players have progressed through The Lost Child side quest. Coastal Cavern (I Infamous Foe)

III. Infamous Foe #15: Ogbert the Odd

Ogbert the Odd is a goblin Infamous Foe who guards the Coastal Cavern region that connects the southern map landscape. Use the nearby North Poidsear Coast Floo Flame to reach there and be prepared for a group goblin battle. 

7. Poidsear Coast (1 Infamous Foe)

I. Infamous Foe #16: Iona Morgan

There is 1 Infamous Foe inside a ruined castle on the Poidsear Coast called Iona Morgan, a former Hogwarts student turned poacher. Iona is easily defeated using stealth and Ancient Magic attacks. Players can use the Poidsear Castle Floor Flame to reach there quickly. 

Hogwarts Legacy: All Infamous Foe Locations.
Infamous Foe Locations

8. Marunweem Lake (I Infamous Foe) 

I. Infamous Foe #17: Grodbick

There is 1 Infamous Foe found on the Marunweem Lake called Grodbick, whom players can battle during the Lodlok’s Loyalty main quest or using the nearest Coastal Mine Floo Flame.

9. Manor Cape (3 Infamous Foes)

I. Infamous Foe #18: Dunstan Trinity

Use the West Manor Cape Floo Flame to locate Dustan Trinity, an Infamous Foe inside some heavily guarded ruins on the southeast coast of Manor Cape. 

II. Infamous Foe #19 & #20: Alisa Travers and Lord of the Manor

Their location is well hidden to the northeast of the West Manor Cape Floo Flame, behind a door switch in the graveyard area overlooking the Manor Grounds. 

10. Clagmar Coast (I Infamous Foe)

I. Infamous Foe #21: Silvanus Selwyn 

Silvanus Selwyn is in the Bandit Camp Castle ruins next to the Clagmar Castle Floo Flame. 

Hogwarts Legacy: All Infamous Foe Locations.
Hogwarts legacy

11. About Hogwarts Legacy

Hogwarts Legacy is an open-world RPG from Avalanche Studio. The game places the player in the wizarding school of Hogwarts, allowing them to witness the iconic locations as a character other than Harry Potter. 

The game has an expansive map that makes the game very immersive, even for people who are yet to read the books or watched the movie.

The mysterious, gripping storyline, with the vast areas to explored, either on foot or broomstick, makes it even more real life.