DMZ Dumpster Dead Drop Location, Sarwana Hotel Alley

DMZ Dumpster Dead Drop Location, Sarwana Hotel Alley

Players must locate a specific dead drop location in Al-Mazrah City to complete the Legion’s Dead Drop mission in MW2’s DMZ mode. It sounds simple enough, but many players need to know this dumpster’s location.

You can locate the dumpster dead drop by heading to the post office, traveling north to the Sarwana hotel, and crossing the bridge to reach the alley. The dumpster is in the alley, where we can dump 20 pieces of lethal equipment to complete the mission.

Location of the dumpster 

DMZ Dumpster Dead Drop Location, Sarwana Hotel Alley
Location of Dead Drop on the map
  • Traveling to Al-Mazrah City is the first step in the mission. Grabbing a car may be a good idea, depending on your spawn location. 
  • The Sarwana hotel alley is to the North of the Post Office. The Post Office is indicated on the map by a white envelope icon. 
  • The Sarwana Hotel is accessible via two bridges, the second of which has arches, and the hotel is located right next to it. 
  • When you arrive at the Sarwana Hotel, you’ll notice a tiny pedestrian bridge next to it. Traverse the little bridge. You will immediately see a small alley. Refer to the image above for an accurate location according to the map.
  • At the alley, you’ll find a dumpster that’s glowing. You have reached the dumpster dead drop
DMZ Dumpster Dead Drop Location, Sarwana Hotel Alley
The dumpster in the Sarwana hotel alley

The next step in the mission is to deliver 20 pieces of lethal equipment to the dumpster dead drop. Lethal equipment includes: 

  • Claymores 
  • Frag grenades
  • Molotov cocktails 
  • C4s
  • Drill charges
  • Semtex
  • Throwing knives
  • Proximity mines 
  • Thermites. 

Acquiring lethal equipment

You can acquire lethal equipment by:

  • Equipping these items on your loadout screen.
    Equipping these items on your loadout screen is free, but you can only equip items you’ve unlocked through your progression. 
  • Purchase munition boxes from a buy station.
    Munition boxes cost about 1000 dollars and are deployed on the field to resupply lethals. You can acquire these items faster, but it’s a more expensive option. 
  • Loot various supply crates or boxes and duffel bags.
    Looting is also a great way to stack lethals during the mission. Try the buildings surrounding the dead drop location for a good chance of locating loot. 

Objective completed

Once you deliver 20 of these lethals to the dumpster, you’ll have completed the objective. You will receive a Traveler’s Luggage Key and 10,000 XP for completing the mission.

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