AC: Valhalla Life-Blood Quest – Choosing Between Rada and Bloodstone

AC: Valhalla Life-Blood Quest – Choosing Between Rada and Bloodstone

Within AC: Valhalla’s vast sea of content, mysteries are certain world events that you might end up missing out on if you’re not observing the things many things happening around Eivor. 

That said, though, there’s a particular mystery in the region of East Anglia that’s equal parts fascinating and confusing. Of course, I’m talking about the Life-Blood mystery and the choice of whether you should take the Seer to Rada, the farmer, or the next Bloodstone. 

In it, you’re presented with two choices relating to the harvest in the area – you can either take the Seer to Rada, the farmer, and help her family, or you can take her to the next Bloodstone, where she can use the blood mead for her field.  

So, there’s a high chance you’ll be left wondering, “Do I bring the seer to the Bloodstone or the farmer?” 

In the Life-Blood mystery, you get to choose between taking the Seer to Rada, the farmer, or the next Bloodstone. However, the mystery is simply a test of the player’s moral compass, and one can complete the mystery with whatever they choose with no consequences. 

Completing the mystery is easy – that much is probably clear to you. However, there’s also the question of finding this mystery and how it all plays out. Not to mention, we should also discuss whether you receive some good ole’ moolah from this quest or not. 

Let’s not go that far, though, and circle back to our original question first to discuss the choices a little more in depth. 

Should you take the Seer to the next Bloodstone or the farmer? 

So, this mystery begins at the marker placed in the map below: 

AC: Valhalla Life-Blood Quest – Choosing Between Rada and Bloodstone
Seer House Location

Here, you’ll find a woman known as Rada, weeping and begging in front of a Seer’s house. Upon interacting with her, you’ll come to know that she seeks the Seer’s help for a good harvest and for feeding her family. 

AC: Valhalla Life-Blood Quest – Choosing Between Rada and Bloodstone
Interact with Rada

However, it becomes clear that the Seer is not at home and seems to be away somewhere. To the right of Rada, you’ll find a small pool of blood – interact with it and use Odin’s sight to find the Seer just a couple of steps ahead near a Bloodstone. 

AC: Valhalla Life-Blood Quest – Choosing Between Rada and Bloodstone
Revive Seer

Now, revive her and she’ll converse with Eivor, saying that she is preparing Blood Mead for good harvest as well. Not being able to go to the next Bloodstone by herself (due to losing a ton of blood), she’ll ask Eivor to take her there. 

Here’s where the original question comes into play – should you carry the Seer to Rada or the next Bloodstone? 

The answer is pretty simple, you can carry the Seer to either of the two places and one harvest is sure to be a bust – it’s up to you, whether you help Rada feed her family or help the Seer with her personal plans. 

Keep in mind that there won’t be any real consequences with both paths. 

AC: Valhalla Life-Blood Quest – Choosing Between Rada and Bloodstone
Life Blood Quest Completed

Whatever you decide on, take the Seer to the destination accordingly and after a small piece of dialogue, you’ll be done with the mystery. 

Is completing the Life-Blood mystery important? 

As is the case with any other world event in AC: Valhalla, you’ll be rewarded with experience for completing this mystery. Not to mention, if you’re a completionist and wish to 100% the East Anglia region, then it’s certainly a must-do for you. 

But, other than that, it isn’t too important to complete it right away. You can take your time with the story and other stuff in the vast world of this game, and if you feel like completing the quest, then you know how to do it now. 

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