Where’s Arthur Morgan’s Grave? Where did he die? Map Location

Where’s Arthur Morgan’s Grave? Where did he die? Map Location

Arthur Morgan’s death is never explicitly shown in the high honor rating ending, but it was implied so, given his medical condition. But did he die in the end or not?

If you were a high honored player during the storyline of Red Dead Redemption 2, you didn’t exactly see Arthur’s death. You only know that he was left to his fate peacefully by Dutch and Micah.

To quench your suspense, he died, and his grave can be found after you complete the storyline near Bacchus Station. Read on to find the exact location and story behind Arthur’s grave and how the alternate endings affect it.

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1. How did Arthur Morgan Die in the Multiple Endings?

If you had high honor, Arthur would explain how he tried to change while Dutch and Micah couldn’t.

Both leave him to die (as Arthur’s suffering from tuberculosis) in peace while he stares into the sunset. The deer flashback signifies your good deeds.

Players with a low honor meter saw Arthur tell them both how horrible they are and Micah shoots Arthur, while the wolf sequence plays. Even in the high honor rating ending Arthur’s death is prominent.

2. Where to Find Arthur’s grave

Arthur Morgan’s grave is found to the northeast of Bacchus Station and east of the grave of Eagle Flies. You’ll find the tombstone next to the Mysterious Hill Home, so be ready for the tricky climb. Refer to the map for easy directions.

Where's Arthur Morgan's Grave? Where did he die?
Arthur Morgan’s Grave | Source: USgamer

3. How Do Your Honor Ratings Change Morgan’s Grave

Given how Red Dead Redemption 2 takes into account how your actions have consequences, Arthur’s grave varies depending on your decisions.

If you had high honor ratings and chose that ending, Arthur’s grave would be lined with flowers celebrating his deeds and in pretty good shape.

The tombstone reads, “Blessed are those who hunger and thirst for righteousness.”

If you got the low honor ending, the grave would be relatively dilapidated and reads, “Blessed are those that mourn for they will be comforted.”

Where's Arthur Morgan's Grave? Where did he die?
Arthur Morgan | Source: Steam

Even the animal near the tombstone changes; in the high honor ending, you find an eagle guarding the grave, whereas, in the latter ending, you find a wolf. Both of them are recurring symbols in the game.

4. Other Prominent Character Graves in RDR2

As various characters die in the storyline, their graves appear as well. It is best to visit all the graves to pay your respects after you complete the storyline.

Where's Arthur Morgan's Grave? Where did he die?
Red Dead Redemption 2 | Source: Steam

There are nine graves in total, each belonging to one of the characters below:

  • Sean MacGuire
  • Kieran Duffy
  • Hosea Matthews
  • Lenny Summers
  • Susan Grimshaw
  • Arthur Morgan
  • Eagle Flies
  • Davey Callander
  • Jenny Kirk