10 Most Skilled Assassin’s You Don’t Wanna Cross Paths With 

10 Most Skilled Assassin’s You Don’t Wanna Cross Paths With 

The assassins from the Assassin’s Creed games are probably the most dangerous people in a room. They are masters of death and can hit their targets from the shadows. When things go south, these deadly silent killers don’t shy around going loud. 

An assassin must be a master of stealth. They need to be agile and cunning. They should be efficient killers’ and masters of various weapons and gadgets. Not all of them are same in regards of skills and capabilities. There are a number of assassins present in the Assassin’s Creed franchise, therefore I have decided to make a list of the most skilful assassins in the brotherhood. 

To make this list simple, I have decided to rank them on the basis of their technique rather than brute force to determine who deserves the title of an ‘assassin’.  

10. Jacob Frye

Jacob Frye is your typical cocky, reckless youngster who is an assassin by profession, being subtle is something he knows very little about.  

10 Most Skilled Assassin’s You Don’t Wanna Cross Paths With
Jacob fighting with rival gang members

Jacob is quite skilled when it comes to wielding weapons but cunningness and intelligence are not his strongest suits. He is a very flamboyant character who assassinates his targets in the most spectacular of ways. He rejects the idea of staying in the shadows and rather, prefers to be in the spotlight. 

This makes him easily one of the worst assassins in terms of technique. (Since his technique is all about go big or go home). 

9. Edward Kenway

Edward Kenway was a Jovial and light-hearted man who always came blazing his guns. It is safe to say that stealth was not his strength. 

 10 Most Skilled Assassin’s You Don’t Wanna Cross Paths With
Edward sailing on his ship

Edward was a cunning man, he always knew how to work for his benefit, and he possessed one of the rarer skills among all the assassins. He was a damn good sailor and leader of the disorganised brute men. He was also a skilled ambusher, thus always increasing his chances of coming out on top. 

He was a master of wielding two swords and had a fairly good aim. What Edward forgot about was that it is very difficult to ‘hide in plain sight’ when you have a reputation of a fierce pirate and you captain a huge Brig flying a black flag. 

8. Bayek of Siwa

Bayek’s only motivation in life was revenge. He wanted to kill the men responsible for the death of his son. Bayek was not keen on killing his targets quietly or stealthily for that matter. 

 10 Most Skilled Assassin’s You Don’t Wanna Cross Paths With
Bayek trying to kill a masked one | Source: Fandom

Bayek engaged in proper duels with his targets before dispatching them to the other realm. He was a formidable warrior as he was one of the last Medjay of Egypt. He believed in facing his opponents head on, rather than waiting for an opportunity and delivering a killing blow. 

His attacks with the hidden-blade were non-lethal and usually only wounded the enemy (if the blade was not upgraded enough or the enemy had more skill (level) than Bayek). It’s his technique with a variety of weapons that made him an efficient machine for killing waves of enemies. 

7. Arno Dorian

Arno Dorian has probably one of the most tragic story in an Assassin’s Creed game. He lost everything he ever held dear. 

 10 Most Skilled Assassin’s You Don’t Wanna Cross Paths With
Arno performing an assassination | Source: Fandom

Arno is quite proficient with a variety of weapons much like other assassins but he too like Jacob, made use of spectacular ways of killing his targets. Unlike Jacob, at least Arno was not reckless. 

Despite all this, Arno was a master swordsman, he was quite good at parkour and stealth, and was quite an elegant assassin.   

6. Connor Kenway

Connor Kenway, was trained to be a deadly warrior from his childhood. And much like Bayek, he was a formidable warrior first.  

 10 Most Skilled Assassin’s You Don’t Wanna Cross Paths With
Connor killing a British soldier during a battle

What makes Connor different from Bayek is the fact that unlike Bayek, Connor was never trained to be honourable. He was trained to be efficient, thus Connor made use of everything he could for his advantage. Delivering killing blows from rooftops to stabbing people from bushes, Connor knew how to kill and he killed well. 

Connor also was quite a climber since he was climbing trees from his childhood. Connor possessed a lot of raw brute strength which he utilised whenever things went south. 

5. Aveline De Grandpre

Aveline De Grandpre is one of the most easily forgettable assassins on this list, and that is why precisely she is here. 

 10 Most Skilled Assassin’s You Don’t Wanna Cross Paths With
Aveline on rooftop

Aveline is the master of disguise. She employs this art beautifully in order to manipulate her enemies, gather intel and most of all deflect attention. 

This quality of Aveline makes it easy for her to disappear and hide after killing her target. If she chooses, she can cease to exist, assuming a new identity and continuing her work for the Brotherhood. 

4. Aya (Amunet)

Aya was one of the founding members of the ‘Hidden Ones’, and by all measures she is a better assassin than Bayek. 

10 Most Skilled Assassin’s You Don’t Wanna Cross Paths With
Aya talking to someone

Aya assassinated some of the most powerful people of her time. That too, all done very quietly and cunningly. For example, killing Cleopatra with the help of a snake. She meddled in the world of politics and even played a significant role in the assassination of Julius Caesar. 

She did all that and all the while staying hidden, never revealing herself, working from the shadows. Her technique made her quite lethal and deflected most of the attention from her.  

3. Evie Frye

Evie Frye is the complete opposite of her brother Jacob. Where Jacob is reckless, Evie is cautious and methodical. 

10 Most Skilled Assassin’s You Don’t Wanna Cross Paths With
Evie performing an aerial assassination

She takes her duties as an assassin seriously, and genuinely understands the consequences of her actions on common people. Evie is quite proficient in combat and despite the fact that she carries out less assassinations than her brother, she is far much cleaner and subtle. 

Not only she is good at taking out her targets, she is also quite good in tracking pieces of Eden. This makes Evie as one of the most skilful assassins as given by the fact that whole war between the Assassin Brotherhood and Templar Order is over, who will find various pieces of Eden first. 

2. Ezio Auditore Da Firenze

The fan favourite Ezio Auditore is one of the most experienced assassins. He is quite skilful at what he does. 

10 Most Skilled Assassin’s You Don’t Wanna Cross Paths With
Ezio performing an assassination | Source: Fandom

At first, Ezio is quite reckless but with time he grows wiser and gains more experience. He possesses the skill of learning and adapting. He continuously evolves throughout his life and becomes a better assassin. He is true to the creed and works from the shadows.  

Ezio never stopped learning. He was quite a good swordsman and employed his natural talents such as his charisma to his benefit.  

1. Altair

Altaïr Ibn-La’Ahad was by far the most skilled assassin in the Assassin’s Creed franchise. A master assassin at just 25, Altair was never hit in a battle. He was agile, quick and had cleaner kills than any other assassin in the series. He had vast wisdom too, thanks to the Apple of Eden.  

10 Most Skilled Assassin’s You Don’t Wanna Cross Paths With
Altair performing an assassination | Source: Fandom

He employed all the tricks in the assassin handbook in order to strike down his target. He strikes his enemies from nowhere only to vanish in thin air. 

If Bayek was the founder of the Assassin Brotherhood, it was really Altair and his life’s work that started the second chapter and really established the skills of an assassin. Ezio later finds Altair’s work in the Masyaf library and becomes a guiding light for the new generation of assassins.  

About Assassin’s Creed

Assassin’s Creed is the first instalment in the classic Assassin’s Creed franchise. It introduced one of the most influential characters in the series, Altair, who embarks on a quest to regain his honor after a failed mission. 

The game was developed and published by Ubisoft. It is considered a classic, having been a memorable part of everyone’s childhoods. Even then, it featured some of the finest work in graphics,  action sequences, and storyline.