Whom did Edward Kenway marry? Did he have children?

Whom did Edward Kenway marry? Did he have children?

Edward Kenway is a welsh-born British pirate and a member of the Assassin Order. Being a pirate and an assassin made him one of the most unique protagonists of the franchise.  

He’s also considered as one of the best leading assassins in the Assassin’s Creed franchise due to his combat skills, his sharp, witty attitude and his overall arc from being a greedy pirate to becoming one of the finest Assassins the franchise has ever had. But his family life is also something all fans should know about. 

Edward married twice and his love life was pretty complicated. He married Caroline Scott and had Jeniffer Scott with her. After Caroline’s death, he married Tessa Kenway and they had Haytham Kenway.  

Who was his second wife?  

Whom did Edward Kenway marry? Did he have children?
Tessa Kenway

Tessa Kenway was the second and last wife of Edward and the daughter of a wealthy landowner. She fell in love with with him after she helped Edward buy his own house, but her family didn’t approve of the marriage.  

Tessa was also the mother of Edward’s second child Haytham Kenway and the grandmother of Ratonhnhaké:ton Or more well known as Connor Kenway. Tessa met her demise, twelve years after Edward died, by suffering a fall.  

Who is Edward’s daughter?  

Whom did Edward Kenway marry? Did he have children?
Jennifer Scott | Source: Fandom

Jennifer Scott was the daughter of Edward and his first wife, Caroline Scott. Edward wasn’t even aware of Jennifer’s existence until Caroline passed away, as she was born after Edward’s departure.  

She was raised by her mom, for the most part, hence adopting her mothers surname unlike her brother Haytham. She was sold off as a slave by Reginald Birch after he sent assassins to kill Edward, which they did sadly.  

Haytham did rescue her and she managed to kill Reginald with the help of Haytham. But they were never really close as siblings, as she was still disappointed that Haytham was a templar, unlike his father.  

She returned to London to oversee the mansion in which she and Edward lived, living a life of solitary. In her later life, she would propose the Assassins and Templars to reconcile but she died sometime in 1805. 

Who is Edward’s son?  

Whom did Edward Kenway marry? Did he have children?
Haytham Kenway

Haytham Kenway was the son of Edward and his second wife, Tessa Kenway. Unlike his father, Haytham grew up to be a Templar under the supervision of Reginald Birch, the person who orchestrated the killing of Edward, although Haytham didn’t know the fact at that time.  

Haytham was sent to be trained under Birch by his own mother after she saw him kill one of the assailants of Edward. But he became a Templar, and was the first Grand Master of the Templar Order’s Colonial Rite.  

Ironically he had a son with a woman called Kaniehtí:io who was called Ratonhnaké:ton or Connor Kenway who grew up to be an Assassin. Haytham also met his demise at the hands of Connor himself, so that’s a full-circle moment right there. 

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