AMD Ryzen Processor Users Can Now Access Windows 11 Bug Fixes

AMD Ryzen Processor Users Can Now Access Windows 11 Bug Fixes

Windows 11 was released earlier this month, and while Intel users have been able to enjoy the new version of the OS, AMD Ryzen processor users have been facing some hiccups. Two bugs in Windows 11 were reportedly impacting the performance of Ryzen processors by up to 15%. AMD has now posted an update on its knowledge base blog, marking both items as “issue solved; solution available.”

For Issue 1, the blog reads,

As of October 21, 2021: Windows 11 update KB5006746 fully resolves the performance impact of Issue 1 described in this article.

AMD Ryzen Processor Users Can Now Access Windows 11 Bug Fixes
AMD and Windows 11 | Source: AMD

And when it comes to Issue 2, this is what they said. 

AMD Chipset Driver fully resolves the performance impact of Issue 2 described in this article. AMD has verified that the performance and behavior of compatible AMD processors are working as intended on Windows 11 subsequent to the installation of these updates. AMD and Microsoft recommend that users promptly install this update on affected systems.


Issue 1 was reported to be a problem with the measured and functional L3 cache latency nearly tripling on specific apps and games, which resulted in the CPUs accessing its memory far too slowly. Issue 2 was related to AMD’s “Preferred Core” feature not functioning correctly. The Preferred Core enables users to assign apps to the fastest core on the chip manually.

AMD Ryzen Processor Users Can Now Access Windows 11 Bug Fixes
Windows 11 Issue(s) Description | Source: AMD

The update has dropped a week after it had first appeared last week in the Microsoft Insiders build of Windows 11. These AMD issues are just a few in the handful of launch-day-bugs users have encountered during the Windows 11 rollout. Work on a fix had begun as soon as AMD and Microsoft acknowledged the problem.

The L3 fix will be available now as a Windows 11 software update under Microsoft Knowledgebase ID 5006746. You will see it listed once you open up the Windows Updater. The Preferred Core fix is available as an AMD Chipset Driver package update under version This will be found in the Apps and Features interface for Windows 11.

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