All Wrath of the Druids Choices Guide: Make the Right Decision

All Wrath of the Druids Choices Guide: Make the Right Decision

Assassin’s Creed Valhalla, at its heart, is a story-driven RPG that encompasses choice-based gameplay at its core. With the new DLC, Wrath of the Druids, we are tasked with multiple choices in a new and foreign land as we hunt for new alliances.

Just like before, some of these choices are not that important, but some have story-altering effects in the new expansion pack. Follow this guide to know exactly what to pick as Eivor maneuvers new kingdoms and friendships.

All Wrath of the Druids DLC Choices in AC Valhalla

1. Dublin: What to Do with Thorstein?

Just as you begin your journey into the new DLC in AC Valhalla, you will come across a quest called ‘Snaring Thorstein’ at the end of which you must make an important decision. Thorstein is plotting against the current King, Barid, and you are tasked with bringing him to justice.

All Wrath of the Druids Choices Guide: Make the Right Decision
Snaring Thorstein Choice

After you have defeated Thorstien’s camp and brought him before Barid, he will ask your advice to decide the traitor’s fate. You will have three options:

  • A dignified execution: Choosing this to let Barid know that he should show his subjects that their king rules by the law and is resolute. Sichfrith will agree, but Barid will refuse and banish Thorstein instead. Thorstein chooses this option to show mercy following the Christian ways.
  • A brutal death: Since Thorstein is, in essence, a traitor, Eivor thinks a brutal death is the only justice. Barid will choose to banish Thorstein to please Flann Sinna with his Christian ways.
  • A display of cruelty: Eivor reminds Barid that “People delight in the public spectacle” and suggests a public torture fest featuring Thorstein. Barid will still choose to banish Thorstein as with the above choices.

Your choice will not matter in deciding the fate of Thorstein, as Barid will choose to banish him either way. Barid is set out to show his Christian ways of mercy and refuse any of Eivor’s three pieces of advice.

2. The Northern Reach: Barid is Right, or Barid is Wrong?

During the ‘The Norther Reach quest,’ you are faced with a decision that seems quite important. Should you side with Barid, be against him, or not take part in his quarrel at all?

Barid wants to enter peace talks on behalf of Flann Sinna, and Flann has asked your opinion on the matter.

All Wrath of the Druids Choices Guide: Make the Right Decision
Is Barid Wrong or Right?
  • Barid is Wrong: Barid will be pretty disappointed as he was looking to get some support on his side.
  • Barid is Right: Flann will take note of your advice but will still send you to Northern Ui Neill, but at least Barid feels like his cousin supported him.
  • Don’t Ask Me: If you choose not to have a say, both Flann and Barid will not react, and Flann will do as he planned.

Either way you choose in Barid is Right or Wrong choice; it does not affect the storyline.

Flann will allow Barid to go on his behalf but will not allow Eivor to go as protection. This is another one of those choices which have no significant consequence.

3. Cost of betrayal: Kill or Spare Ciara

This is one of the choices towards the end of the story arc; Just after you have defeated Ciara, it is up to you to decide her fate.

All Wrath of the Druids Choices Guide: Make the Right Decision
Decide what to do with Ciara

Kill or Spare Ciara choice in AC Valhalla Wrath of the Druids only affects the outcome for Ciara. The choice to Kill or Spare Ciara does not affect the Wrath of the Druids ending in any way.

  • An Honorable Death: Ciara will come to her senses and realize the error in her ways. She only asks Eivor for a swift death, which Eivor grants her.
All Wrath of the Druids Choices Guide: Make the Right Decision
Flann Sinna

Flann Sinna comes around as well and strikes the Lia Fail with his store, which makes the stone disappear from Tara. While they grieve over Ciara, Eivor lets them know it was what Ciara wanted. The story arc ends as Eivor, Sichfrith, and Flann bid farewell at Gotknaw.

  • I Can’t Kill You: If you choose to spare Ciara, Eivor will conclude that the power comes from the stone, and it needs to be destroyed. Ciara destroys it herself, while Flann Sinna makes his amends with Ciara after he comes around. Ciara gives up her role as the Bard and walks away without mentioning where.
All Wrath of the Druids Choices Guide: Make the Right Decision
Ciara Destroying the Monolith

Similar to the first choice, Eivor, Sichfrith, and Flann bid farewell at Gotknaw.

Both of the choices have pretty much the same outcome, the inquisition is stopped, and the monolith is destroyed. Just that in one scenario, Ciara lives while in the other, Ciara dies. Given that you never see Ciara ever again, it doesn’t make that much of a difference. I just chose to spare her life because my Eivor had somewhat of a compassionate nature.

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