AMD’s FidelityFX Super Resolution Officially an Unreal Engine Plugin

AMD’s FidelityFX Super Resolution Officially an Unreal Engine Plugin

For a long time, a section of PC gamers was envious of those who could get their hands on the high-end components to run visually stunning games. However, with advancing innovations, mid-range gamers can now enjoy excellent graphics thanks to upscaling technologies such as NVIDIA’s DLSS and AMD’s FidelityFX Super Resolution (FSR). 

While this tech is a great boon to gamers, it takes time and knowledge for game developers to implement them. Thankfully, AMD has released its official FidelityFX Super Resolution plugin for Epic’s Unreal Engine, which should make the entire process more straightforward and less time-consuming. 

This announcement is from an article currently on AMD’s GPUOpen site, and the plugin can be downloaded from here as well. AMD has given clear instructions on how to install the plugin, but keep in mind that it is intended to be used with Unreal Engine 4.27.1, and there is no support for Unreal Engine 5 yet. 

Combining FSR with Unreal Engine grants, what AMD has dubbed “Hybrid Upscaling” where the engine’s temporal anti-aliasing solution will act as the primary upscaler, however, “FSR can still be used as a Secondary Upscaler to meet project-specific needs.”

AMD’s FidelityFX Super Resolution Officially An Unreal Engine Plugin
Unreal Engine | Source: Unreal Engine

Several modes will be available, which will offer varying balances between performance and fidelity. AMD has also provided some guidance on the best practices with each mode, along with a description for developers. 

  • Ultra Quality (77% resolution): Produces an image with quality virtually indistinguishable from native rendering. It should be selected when the highest quality is desired.
  • Quality (67% resolution): Produces a super resolution image with the quality representative of native rendering, with a sizeable performance gain.
  • Balanced (59% resolution): Produces a super resolution image approximating native rendering quality, with a significant performance gain compared to native.
  • Performance (50% resolution): Visibly impacts image quality and should only be selected when additional performance is critical.
AMD’s FidelityFX Super Resolution Officially An Unreal Engine Plugin
AMD FidelityFX | Source: AMD

NVIDIA’s DLSS is currently the best upscaling technology to opt for, given that the visual clarity is bolstered by its AI deep learning roots. However, it is limited to only those who use an NVIDIA graphics card. AMD’s FSR, on the other hand, can work with all GPUs and can offer a greater performance boost if FPS is your primary focus.

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