Ubisoft Announced a New Ghost Recon Title and Fans are Not Happy

Ubisoft Announced a New Ghost Recon Title and Fans are Not Happy

Ubisoft’s Ghost Recon franchise has been a fan favorite for many years now, and while receptions for some titles have been varied, the fanbase has been more or less loyal. However, the company’s latest announcement may change that. If the comments and dislikes are to be believed, the newest title may be driving fans away from the franchise.

Developed by Ubisoft Bucharest, Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Frontline is a free-to-play PVP FPS with support for over 100 players. The title is slated to go into testing next week in select regions. The developers aim to combine tactical military action of the long-standing Ghost Recon franchise and the massive engagements that are characteristic of battle royale games.

Ghost Recon Frontline will have several modes, but Ubisoft specifically highlighted one called Expedition. This mode will have over 100 players grouped into teams of three to fight against the other players on the map. Teammates will have to work together to achieve dynamic objectives on a massive open-world map called Drakemoor, which will feature a variety of biomes.

Gameplay goes beyond simply gunning down opposing teams in Expedition. Players will have to gather and protect intel and will also be able to interrogate downed enemies to learn the location of enemy teammates.

Once the mission is accomplished, the team will have to fight to stay alive until an extraction team comes in to evacuate them. Players will have access to a variety of tactical tools and will be able to call in for various forms of support such as vehicles, auto-turrets, dynamic cover, and more.

Ubisoft Announced a New Ghost Recon Titles & Fans Are Not Happy
Ghost Recon Frontline | Source: Ubisoft

The game will also offer more modes than just battle royale in the future, and Ubisoft Bucharest has promised that the new modes will involve quicker or more casual gameplay, such as arena-based fights.

Ghost Recon Frontline - Full Announcement Video

While all of this sounds exciting, Ghost Recon fans on the internet are very far from impressed. A simple glance at the like-dislike ratio on the YouTube announcement video shows that the new title has not been received well.

Many comments state that no one wanted a Ghost Recon battle royale game and that the company is making every Tom Clancy game except for the next Splinter Cell. Others are calling the company tone-deaf and out of touch after the feedback, they received from Breakpoint.

There is no official launch date for Ghost Recon Frontline yet, but European players will be able to test the game out on PC starting October 14th. But, given the backlash this game has received so far, it remains to be seen how many players will jump onto the bandwagon when it does release.