Fortnite’s Dragon Ball Cross-Over Announcement Tweet is Now Its Most Liked Ever

Fortnite’s Dragon Ball Cross-Over Announcement Tweet is Now Its Most Liked Ever

For almost 5 years now, Fortnite has maintained an enormous player base making it one of the most played games each and every year since its launch. The battle royale has brought updated mechanics, again and again, to add new flavors to the game.  

Fortnite’s collaboration with different franchises to bring in popular names in the form of character skins has captured many young players around the world, and every time it collabs with a popular figure, it quickly becomes one of the most talked about topics. 

This is exactly what is happening now, as Fortnite just recently announced its cross-over with arguably the biggest anime franchise, Dragon Ball, via a tweet, which has now become Fortnite’s most liked tweet of all time. 

There were leaks of Dragon Ball cross-over as some of the data had been datamined in the last couple of months, but even then, this official announcement has taken the player base by a storm. The tweet currently has 278.8k likes, making it the most popular tweet from Fortnite. 

Anything related to anime always has the risk of exploding, as a similar thing happened when Naruto and Fortnite’s crossover was announced. @ShiinaBR points out that the announcement took meager 13 hours to become the most popular post.  

Meanwhile, the Naruto announcement tweet took 1-2 days to reach a similar number. 

That announcement currently has 250.8k likes as of now. I guess fans really want Goku and Vegeta to go head to head against everyone, but this time with guns and a shield potion in hand. 

Fortnite’s Dragon Ball Cross-Over Announcement Tweet is Now Its Most Liked Ever
Goku and Vegeta

Fortnite does this again and again, doesn’t it? Cross overs with Marvel, WWE, DC, John Wick, Naruto, and now Dragon Ball, is Epic Games even going to leave anything untouched?  

Even though the particular skins appearing in the crossover haven’t been announced, we can surely expect fan favorites to feature. Just how exciting will it be to shoot a rocket and pretend it’s a Kamehameha. The cross-over arrives on 16th August, just a blink away. 

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