Genshin Impact’s New Story Update ‘We Will Be Reunited’ Drops Today

Genshin Impact’s New Story Update ‘We Will Be Reunited’ Drops Today

After dropping a range of new content through the ‘Invitation of Windblume’ (a.k.a. Update 1.4) patch, Mihoyo is releasing the latest Archon Quest for Genshin Impact. Titled ‘We Will Be Reunited’, the quest will drop today, April 12.

According to an update on Mihoyo’s official website, Archon Quest, Chapter 1: Act 4, will send players on a new mission after receiving intel from Ganyu and Lan. The intel regards Treasure Hoarders from both Mondstadt and Liyue coming together to explore ruins that are associated with the Abyss Order. Fearing the chaos that the Treasure Hoarders might cause through their involvement, Travelers will have to take up the commission and investigate.

Interestingly enough, this development is hinted at in the original trailer for Update 1.4. See if you can spot the clues by hitting play below.

Version 1.4 "Invitation of Windblume" Trailer | Genshin Impact

At this point, your Traveler’s sibling still remains lost somewhere in Teyvat. So, it might be safe to assume that the Abyss Order will have some information about their disappearance. Could this lead to the reunion that players have been waiting for since Genshin Impact launched late last year? Guess we’ll have to play to find out.

Here’s the set of criteria Travelers need to keep in mind to play ‘We Will Be Reunited’. Players will have to:

  • Reach Adventure Rank 36 or above
  • Complete the Story Quest “Lupus Minor Chapter: Act I – The Meaning of Lupical”
  • Complete the World Quest “Chapter I: Act IV (Prelude) – Bough Keeper: Dainsleif”

Once the quest system has been unlocked, Travelers may open the Quest Menu by pressing J (PC), tapping the quest icon in the top-left corner (mobile), or holding the L1 button and selecting the quest icon from the Shortcut Wheel (PS4).

Folks who love Genshin Impact’s soundtrack can check out the range of EPs that Mihoyo has dropped on YouTube. The game is also set to get a swanky new PS5 version this spring.

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