Forza Horizon 5: Here is How You Can Customize Your License Plate

Forza Horizon 5: Here is How You Can Customize Your License Plate

As crucial as it is to win races in Forza Horizon 5, you’d probably want to do so in style and be your most fashionable self on the winning podium. Luckily for you, the game offers extensive customization options that extend to something as minor as a license plate.

FH5 provides eight characters, varying from letters, numbers, and three special license symbols, to write anything from a cool nickname to a zany phrase on the vanity plate. This ultimately will let you leave a personal impression on the car you’re driving.

If you have thought of something wacky already and can’t wait to customize the vanity plate, you will have to reach one of the six Horizon Festival outposts or the in-game house. From here, access the Horizon Festival menu.

Forza Horizon 5: Here is How You Can Customize Your License Plate
Edit License Plate in FH5

Once you open the Horizon Festival menu, go to the garage section & spot the ‘License Plate’ tab by scrolling down. Click on it, and you’ll find yourself in the ‘Edit License Plate’ menu, where eight slots to create the license plate of your choice will be available.

Note: Be as creative as you want here but don’t cross your boundaries! Using offensive words could get you banned.

Go to each specific slot and select the character you want that particular spot to hold. When you make a license plate that speaks to your heart, all you have to do is confirm it. This way, you’ll be able to flaunt your new plate across the tracks of Mexico.

How to Remove the License Plate in Forza Horizon 5?

To remove it, open the License Plate option found under the Garage menu. Here, you’ll see “Remove License Plate” appearing on the bottom left of your screen. Press the button that’s correlated to it, and the license plate will cease to exist!

How to Remove the License Plate in Forza Horizon 5?
Remove the License Plate in FH5

This feature is handy if you want a clear, unobstructed view of your car’s back or simply prefer anonymity when going head-to-head against other racers. 

Moreover, if you have a change of mind later, and feel like reattaching the plate, then all you have to do is press the “Attack Plate” option.

Can the Style of a License Plate be Changed?

The appearance of License Plates cannot be changed if you drive a standard car, and you will have to put up with the simple black letterings on a white plate. 

On the other hand, if you own a Forza Edition car, it will automatically come equipped with a fancy black license plate embellished by golden inscribing. The plate’s frame will flaunt a beautiful tint of gold as well that frankly makes it look even more lavish.

Note: Forza Edition cars cannot be bought from the Autoshow but are there to be won from wheelspin or an accolade. They can be purchased in the Auction House as well.

About Forza Horizon 5

Forza Horizon 5 is the latest installment in the Forza series of racing simulator games. It is the fifth Forza Horizon title and the twelfth main installment in the Forza series. The game has been developed by Playground Games and published by Microsoft for the Xbox consoles and PC. 

Forza Horizon 5 is set in a fictional representation of Mexico. Players will race through various kinds of biomes in the game, and will have access to a number of professional racing cars. Several game modes allow players to play online against others, and “The Eliminator” battle royale mode has also made a return from Forza Horizon 4.