New World Destiny Unearthed Quest Guide: How to Find a Heartgem?

New World Destiny Unearthed Quest Guide: How to Find a Heartgem?

Destiny Unearthed is a quest in New World that is assigned by Yonas the Hermit. The mission will make you dive deep into the Amrine Excavation to fight a brawny boss and find a Heartgem.

Upon discovering it, Yonas will have you turned into a Soulwarden, and not to forget, he’ll enrich your character’s inventory with valuable rewards!

Note: Before you grind on Destiny Unearthed, remember to hit the recommended 25 level. If you don’t level up, the chances of this quest being a smooth experience are next to nil! Moreover, it’s better to team up with 3 or 4 pals to advance quickly and save time.

Destiny Unearthed is a reasonably straightforward mission, but if you find yourself lost at any given moment, our guide is here to get rid of any difficulty you face.

How to Start Destiny Unearthed in New World?

New World Destiny Unearthed Quest Guide: How to Find a Heartgem?
Speak to Yonas Alazar

To start Destiny Unearthed in New World, players will have to speak to Yonas the Hermit at Fishermen’s Bend. He is an NPC character that one will come across frequently since he is rarely short of quests to assign.

Yonas will ask you to find an item called Heartgem, and in return, he will make you a Soulwarden.

How to Find Heartgem in New World’s Destiny Unearthed Quest?

Destiny Unearthed Quest New World

Players will have to head to the Amrine Excavation site found in Windsward’s north to obtain the Heartgem in Destiny Unearthed. 

When you have reached this region, search for an area called the Obelisk Cavern. It is located at the top part of Amrine Excavation. 

Once inside, defeat Simon Grey, the level 26 boss who guards the Geartgem, and his Star Excavation companions. 

The moment you have killed these protectors of the Heartgem, a notification saying ‘Expedition Completed’ will appear on your screen.

Don’t pay any heed to it as your job is far from over.

You can still loot Grey’s body and the neighboring supply stockpile for goods before collecting the Heartstone from the closeby luminescing blue pedestal.

How to Complete Destiny Unearthed Quest in New World?

New World Destiny Unearthed Quest Guide: How to Find a Heartgem?
Deliver Heartgem to Yonas Alazar

Now that you have the Heartgem, all that’s left is to deliver it back to Yonas the Hermit at Fishermen’s Bend and collect your rewards.

Note: You can use the Expedition Exit portal to leave the Obelisk Cavern and get to Yonas.

Destiny Unearthed in New World: Rewards

The rewards for completing Destiny Unearthed in New World are:

XP – 5000

Gold – 79.5

Item – Soulwarden’s Ring (T3)

Azoth – 100

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