Wolf Mastery Challenge: Bugs and Fixes – Wenlocan Outpost- AC Valhalla

Wolf Mastery Challenge: Bugs and Fixes – Wenlocan Outpost- AC Valhalla

While following a strange meteor falling from the sky, Eivor had come across Hildiran in AC Valhalla. Hildiran, a worshipper of Goddess Frejya, instructed Eivor to complete some Mastery Challenges and bring her the medallions in return for the Gods’ favors. These Mastery Challenges are three skills-based challenges available in the game like the Raven, Wolf, and the Bear Mastery Challenge.

But, some players have had problems regarding one of the challenges. The challenge I am referring to is the Wolf Mastery Challenge in Wenlocan Outpost. If you’ve also experienced a bug during this challenge and want to figure out a possible fix, here are some tips you can try.

Indirect Kills Bugs in Wenlocan Outpost Wolf Mastery Challenge

Wolf Mastery Challenge: Bugs & Fixes – Wenlocan Outpost- AC Valhalla
Wolf Mastery Challenge

The Wolf Mastery Challenge in Wenlocan Outpost has been the buggiest Mastery Challenge in AC Valhalla. 

The challenge instructs you to use bows and arrows to get a total of 1000 points and earn the Gold Medal. To get all points, you need to get the Indirect kills (worth 720 points, 30 per kill) and Eliminate all the guards (280 points).

While some players have experienced all different bugs, these two are the most common ones and involve the same indirect kills method.

I. Bug 1: No Progression on Indirect Kills

According to players, a possible bug has been preventing point progression in the Wenlocan Outpost’s Wolf Mastery Challenge. This bug also prevents the indirect kill points from counting, resulting in players losing their Gold Medal.

II. Bug 2: Enemies Missing on Indirect Kills

During the Indirect kills progression, some players have noted that instead of 24 enemies, there are only 23 enemies inside the Wenlocan Outpost. This prevents the players from collecting the all enemies killed points as well as the indirect ones.

Fix for the Wolf Mastery Challenge in Wenlocan Outpost

Wolf Mastery Challenge: Bugs & Fixes – Wenlocan Outpost- AC Valhalla
Finish The Trials

Although there is no sure-shot way of preventing these bugs from happening in your game, here are some fixes you can try if you’ve experienced the errors or bugs yourself.

I. Fix 1: Find the Missing Enemy

The first fix is finding and killing the 24th guard in the Wolf Mastery Challenge in Wenlocan Outpost. Some players have located the guard just outside the premises of the Wenlocan Outpost.

II. Fix 2: Restart the Challenge

If your issue is regarding the progression of the points and not the 24th missing guard, or you can’t seem to find him in the first place, a quick restart to the challenge could fix your problem. You can even try meditating to pass some more time in the game before jumping into the challenge again.

III. Fix 3: Restart and Reload a Saved Game

If Fix 1 and 2 seem to not work for you, then you can try and restart your game and PC/Console before jumping into the mission once again. After you’ve restarted your game, just reload a saved game and attempt the Wolf Mastery Challenge.

However, if your attempt to fixing the bug fails, you can try and lodge a complaint at the Assassin’s Creed Valhalla forums and wait for the team’s reply.

I’m sure one of the fixes might help you get over the error; just remember to manually save the game now and then to help prevent minor bugs.

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