Creative Director of Marvel’s Wolverine Confirms Mature Tone

Creative Director of Marvel’s Wolverine Confirms Mature Tone

The PlayStation Showcase event had a lot to offer, and a lot of hype has already started to build around the properties shown. While we finally got confirmation of Marvel’s Spider-Man 2, we also got another game from the comic giant: Marvel’s Wolverine.

This was a very pleasant surprise for fans, and the short CGI trailer was enough to pique everyone’s interest and also set the tone for the game.

Marvel’s Wolverine – Announcement Teaser | PS5
Marvel’s Wolverine – Announcement Teaser | PS5

We saw what looked to be the aftermath of a big and bloody fight, with Logan sitting at the bar and drinking quietly. As he is approached from behind by someone, we see multiple scars and a fair bit of blood covering his knuckles. Once the person behind Logan makes his presence known, we see Logan extend his signature claws, ready for a fight.

Now, as is always the case, fans wanted to know how big of a game Marvel’s Wolverine would be, drawing allusions to the short story of Miles Morales. They also wanted to know if this would have a darker tone than the Spider-Man games. Brian Horton, a Creative Director at Insomniac Games, obliged us by answering both questions.

The original question was asked by a fan when the trailer was first revealed. They had asked if the game would be a full-scale game or smaller and compared it to Spider-Man: Miles Morales. Horton not only confirmed that it would be a “full-size” game but that it would also have a more mature tone.

The fact that the game will go in a mature way allows the developers to really explore and expand upon Wolverine’s aggressiveness.

Wolverine’s claws are formidable weapons, and very few games have been able to capture the extent of damage they can do when put to work. It’s very possible the game may get an M rating before release, but this is just speculation in light of current information.

We’re hoping that we finally get a game where we can watch Logan tear into enemies with the full fury we know he’s capable of. We’ll have to wait and see what Insomniac Games has in store, but this first reveal has proved to be very promising.

About Marvel’s Wolverine

Marvel’s Wolverine is an up-coming title from Insomniac Games, the same studio behind Marvel’s Spider-Man, Spider-Man: Miles Morales, and Marvel’s Spider-Man 2. Not much is knowing about Marvel’s Wolverine aside from a short CGI teaser trailer, and confirmation that it is going to be a full-size game with a mature tone.