New World Camping Guide: How to Make and Upgrade Camp Tiers?

New World Camping Guide: How to Make and Upgrade Camp Tiers?

In the dangerous open world of New World, it becomes essential for players to make camp during their thrilling adventures but it’s not available to them from the beginning of the game. 

A camp acts as a respawn point for the players and restores their health as well. It also allows players to craft better food, potions, weapon coatings, and tinctures when away from the settlement.

There are five camp tiers in New World. Players can unlock and upgrade the camp tiers by achieving certain levels and completing specific quests. Higher tier camps allow players to craft better and higher-level items. 

How to make a camp in New World?

Step 1: Reach level 5 and complete the Survivalist quest to attain the ability to craft a Tier 1 camp.

Step 2: Collect 1 Flint and 5 Green Woods as resource materials for the camp.

Step 3: Find a plain and unobstructed terrain to set up the camp.

Step 4: Press Y to bring out the blueprint guide of the camp, adjust it according to your preference, and left click to place it down.

Step 5: Press E to apply all the collected resources and craft Tier 1 camp.

Pro Tip: Set up the camp near your latest quest region to respawn closer to the target if you die. 

New World Camping Guide: How To Make And Upgrade Camp Tiers?
Five Camp Tiers in New World
New World Camping Guide: How To Make And Upgrade Camp Tiers?
Respawn Point

How to upgrade camp tier in New World?

To upgrade the camp tier in New World, you need to acquire the levels and complete the quests mentioned here:

Camp TierLevelQuestQuest Location
Tier 215Friends in FashionMonarch’s Bluffs
Tier 325Animal InstinctsCutlass Keys
Tier 440Lupine ObservationsRestless Shore
Tier 555Fading LightsEdengrove

Once you complete the quest and collect your reward, the tier upgrades for that quest will be applied automatically to your camp.

  • Friends in Fashion- Collect 12 pieces of Tattered Silk from Celestial Ancient Guardians at Antares or Achernar, and bring them to Odnell Lee.
  • Animal Instincts- Gather 4 samples from wildcats and alligators and bring them to Tosch in Cutlass Keyes so he can study how to tame them.
  • Lupine Observations- Defeat Fangsnap in Fangsnap’s Den for Wilson in the Restless Shores Settlement.
  • Fading Lights- Investigate the Ancient Guardians and their movements in the Primal Lochan. Then report back to Ranger Wardell in Edengrove.

Where to find Flint in New World?

Flint can commonly be found near water resources in New World. They are large-looking rocks scattered throughout the ocean’s shore. The best places to gather flint are the beaches of the New World. 

To collect it, just run along the ocean on the beach, and you will find large rocks or flints lying on the shore. Press E to pick them up.

New World Camping Guide: How To Make And Upgrade Camp Tiers?
Flint in New World

You can also find a ton of flint in the early region where the character you are playing started the game.

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