NVIDIA’s RTX 4060 to Utilize More Power than RTX 3070, Over 220W 

NVIDIA’s RTX 4060 to Utilize More Power than RTX 3070, Over 220W 

NVIDIA is developing the RTX 40 series to be high-end graphics cards based on the Ada Lovelace architecture. The chipsets will be perfect with their intense performance capabilities and extensive pricing.  

Twitter user @Kopite7kimi claims NVIDIA’s GeForce RTX 4060 will consume more power than the RTX 3060. 

The next-gen RTX 4060 GPU will require over 220W of power. The RTX 3070, launched back in 2020, is based on a modified GA104 GPU and has a limited TDP of 220W. 

The __60 and __70 variants from the GeForce series have always been designed with an increased TDP.  

  • RTX 4060: 220W+ 
  • RTX 3060: 170W 
  • RTX2060: 160W 
  • RTX 1060: 120W 
  • RTX 960: 120W 
  • RTX 760: 170W 

The power consumption will affect the overall performance of the processors. We might see a higher price as well.  

The same cannot be said for the rest of the RTX 40 series.  

NVIDIA’s RTX 4060 To Utilize More Power Than RTX 3070, Over 220W
Nvidia RTX 4090

The RTX 40 series chips show a lot of promise. While test runs have not been made public, you can expect the best, given NVIDIA’s outstanding reputation.  

According to sources, the RTX 40 series will be delayed by a month, with the RTX 4090 launching first in October 2022, followed by the remaining models. The RTX 4060 is the last to follow, which will be unveiled in January 2023.  

Rumors Suggest NVIDIA RTX 4090 to Launch First Followed by Others

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