Serious Performance Issues in PS4 Version of CoD: Vanguard Beta

Serious Performance Issues in PS4 Version of CoD: Vanguard Beta

The first weekend beta for the new Call of Duty: Vanguard is coming to a close, and it hasn’t been the smoothest of runs. Several players have reported facing some major performance issues when it comes to the game’s PS4 version. The bugs seemed to have ruined the experience for many who said that playing the game became a bit of a slog.

This first beta weekend had been reserved for PlayStation players who had preordered the game. The Vanguard beta saw updates and improvements while it was underway, which could be good news for the game long-term, but players reported there are still many technical issues that must be fixed.

Wedclark, a Redditor, shared a short video of themselves in the Call of Duty: Vanguard beta. The video shows them struggling to shoot accurately and missing more than 11 shots at what seems to be a stationary target.

After letting loose around 12 shots, the player is killed by an enemy behind them. Another user gave his 2 cents on why this may have occurred, stating that the shots may have just missed or recoil was messing with the player’s aim. But still, this level of inaccuracy is worrying and would be incredibly detrimental to the experience.

Twitter user and Twitch streamer @DramaticReplays also shared a 30-second clip highlighting the game’s poor visibility. The video shows the players raining bullets onto enemies, failing to land even a single hit.

Twitter user @NotSimonb1471 attacked influential figures such as CharlieIntel for praising the game. They stated that the claim of Vanguard breaking sales records and being the best game of the year was exaggerated and went so far as to say that the game could be dead within three months of launch.

They stated that the problem with influential people calling a lousy game remarkable is that it sets the standard in everyone else’s minds that this is an acceptable product, which it clearly isn’t.

Many other players are also agreeing with the visibility problem in the beta. One Redditor has commented stating that they are about to leave the series as Call of Duty seems to keep focusing more on realism than fun.

Another has claimed that though the 2019 Modern Warfare game also suffered from visibility issues, it’s still better than the Vanguard beta.

PS4 Version of Vanguard Beta Faces Major Performance Issues
Call of Duty: Warzone | Source: Call of Duty

Many fans feel that despite all these issues, Activision is more likely to focus on bettering Call of Duty: Warzone. We’ll have to wait and see if the visibility, lag, and frame rate issues will be addressed in the future beta weekends scheduled for September 16-17 and September 18-20.  

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