Rockstar Job Posting Will Lead to Fixing the Cheating in GTA!

Rockstar Job Posting Will Lead to Fixing the Cheating in GTA!

It’s no secret that cheaters run rampant on GTA Online and Rockstar. Take-Two Interactive doesn’t like this situation much. While they already took action to get a GTA cheat provider, LunaCheats, off the Internet, it has done little to stop the hackers and cheaters as a whole.

However, now Rockstar seems to be going the tried and tested route, getting new talent into the company to help battle the cheating epidemic.

Rockstar Job Posting
GTA Online | Source: Wikipedia

Rockstar India recently posted a job listing for an associate cheat operations analyst, a full-time position at the company’s studio based in Bangalore. The job description states, “This role involves monitoring multiple sources of information to identify cheaters and online mods for our titles and taking appropriate action on that information” and also mentions that the successful candidate will also enforce anti-cheat policies.

They will also assist in investigations, create detailed reports on said investigations and help to fine-tune the anti-cheat measures within the game client and backend services. Possessing knowledge of client-server and peer-to-peer game architecture is a big plus, along with a familiarity to GTA Online and Red Dead Online.

Rockstar Job Posting
GTA Online | Source: Rockstar Games

The listing did not state if applicants would be allowed to work remotely, so it’s expected that you would need to live near or within Bangalore to be considered. Rockstar isn’t the only studio looking to take a stand against cheaters. Bungie and Riot partnered recently in order to take down Gatorcheats, a website which made hacking and cheating software for Destiny 2 and VALORANT. The site was taken down just two days after the companies filed their joint lawsuit, and Bungie stated that they will continue “aggressive legal action against cheat developers”.

Whether the new addition to the Rockstar team will really be able to fight against the scourge of cheaters remains to be seen, as every time restrictions are added, there are always those looking to find their way around the barriers.

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