Sony Reveals Information on When the PlayStation Stars Loyalty Program Will Launch

Sony Reveals Information on When the PlayStation Stars Loyalty Program Will Launch

Sony has launched a new PlayStation Stars Loyalty program which was announced at the September State of Play and it allows players to earn various rewards by completing tasks. The program aims to celebrate player’s achievements with delightful campaigns through which they can earn rewards.

For example, PlayStation Stars “monthly check-in” campaign will require players to play at least one game in a month to get the rewards. Various activities will also be available that will require players to earn specific achievements in order to complete the task. That’s how it works.

The Loyalty Program launched in Asia today but Sony has provided more information as to when it’ll launch in other parts of the world. According to the blog post, it will be available in the US on October 5th, and will be released in Europe, Australia and New Zealand on October 13th.

By completing various tasks players will be able to earn two types of rewards—digital collectibles and loyalty points. Digital collectibles will represent what PlayStation fans enjoy in the form of figurines and cherished devices. Loyalty points can be redeemed to purchase exclusive digital collectibles or select certain PlayStation Store products.

Sony has confirmed that the Program will be free-to-join, and players won’t need a PlayStation Plus membership to join the Program. But players will need an adult account on the PlayStation network in order to join the Program.

PlayStation Stars will also be accessible on Android and iOS through the PlayStation app and on PC through Sony has already said that they have plans to expand the Program by bringing new features, new campaigns and tasks, and more rewards in the future.

About Sony

Sony Corporation is a Japanese multinational conglomerate corporation headquartered in Kōnan, Minato, Tokyo. The company operates as one of the most comprehensive media companies on the planet and also holds the distinctions of being the largest video game console company and the second largest video game publisher in the world.

Its gaming and network services arm Sony Interactive Entertainment (formerly Sony Computer Entertainment) is best known for producing the popular line of PlayStation consoles.