GSC Accused of “Discrimination Against Russians” in Latest Stalker Console Port Leak 

GSC Accused of “Discrimination Against Russians” in Latest Stalker Console Port Leak 

You must be living under a rock if you don’t know about the ongoing conflict between Ukraine and Russia. And like any other conflict, there are political propagandas that have occurred in the various industries throughout the world, and the gaming industry is no exception. 

GSC Game World is one of the leading developers in Europe. Based in Ukraine, the company is known for its Stalker game. The company has been working on Stalker 2, as well as the console port for Stalker, but both of them have been delayed as the company has been affected by the ongoing war. 

A leaked build of a supposed console port of the original Stalker: Shadow of Chernobyl. Rumored to be due to release shortly before Stalker 2, footage of the build shows the familiar classic in a slightly altered state.  

But this isn’t the interesting part of this story, as there is one letter that accompanies this leak which is supposedly written by a Russian streamer. The Russian streamer goes by ‘Nevazhno, Kto’ and ‘Velichaishii’, translating to ‘It doesn’t matter who’ and ‘The greatest,’ respectively.  

GSC Accused of Discrimination Against Russians in Latest Stalker Console Port Leak

The streamer pours his heart out in a five-page document(more like a rant), where the streamer confesses that the early build of the console port was leaked by them, along with their reasons for doing so. 

[GSC] cast off everyone who supported their game for 15 years and kept it alive


writes Nevazhno, referring to what he perceives as mistreatment of Stalker’s Russian fans by Ukrainian company GSC Game World since Russia’s February invasion of Ukraine.  

His list of their offenses is comprised of eight incidents and ranges from things like “Constant discrimination against Russians in [GSC’s] Discord server” to anger over the money the company raised for the Come Back Alive Foundation, which helps train and equip Ukrainian troops.  

“The purchase of weapons and military equipment is not a charity event,” he writes, alleging that equipment provided by the Foundation was used in Ukrainian strikes on Belgorod

Nevazhno’s first complaint, though, is that GSC attempted to solicit donations for the Ukrainian army from Russian players, which is a crime in the Russian Federation, without making them aware of the potential legal consequences.  

This was an attempt to make bargaining chips out of Russians,

GSC Game World

The only mention of criminality came when people began to complain about this shit to Roskomnadzor (the Russian agency responsible for monitoring mass media). 

GSC Game World
GSC Accused of Discrimination Against Russians in Latest Stalker Console Port Leak
GSC Game World | Source: GSC

GSC Game World were asked about these accusations, to which they replied by saying,  

We have been publishing pleas to help Ukraine on our social media and on our web resources—just like thousands of other Ukrainian companies… Nonetheless, an important thing to mention is that we also added a clarification about the donations from Russia later on. We think we might be in the absolute minority—if not the only ones—to do so.  

GSC Game World

Nevazhno claims that his channel is mainly based around the Stalker game, and this unfair treatment has hurt him more as a fan rather than as a nationalist. He also claims that the leak came via GSC employees who were unhappy about the company’s treatment of the Russian player base. 

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About GSC Game World

Founded in 1995, GSC Game World has become the most renowned game development studio in Ukraine and a leading developer in Europe.

Since August 2004, GSC World Publishing has launched 7 projects and is best known for its Stalker series.