Get Your Wallets Ready, Valve Has Confirmed Dates of Next Steam Sale

Get Your Wallets Ready, Valve Has Confirmed Dates of Next Steam Sale

There is one thing PC gamers look forward to more than the release of any new game, graphics card, or processor. A Steam Sale. During this period, both AAA games and indie games are marked with heavy discounts, sometimes to prices so attractive that it would be impossible to say “No.” While the Summer Steam Sale is the most notable one, there are others that happen throughout the year. Valve has now confirmed the dates of the upcoming new ones. 

This is a little unusual for Valve, as third parties often leak these events. The company has released the dates of the next three sales periods for Steam, going all the way to the start of 2022. This information was released in a post on Steamworks, and below are the planned Steam Sales dates.

  • Halloween Sale: October 28th – November 1st
  • Autumn Sale: November 24th – November 30th 
  • Winter Sale: December 22nd – January 5th 

These dates are often leaked by entities such as SteamDB, which also reveals other information about the platform and is usually correct. Why Valve decided to take matters into its own hands this year is unclear, but it makes things easier for PC gamers who now know when to mark their calendars. 

Get Your Wallets Ready, Valve Has Confirmed Dates of Next Steam Sale
Steam | Source: Steam

No official word or leaked info has been revealed about what games will be discounted, but expect to see some big names with significant discounts. Many titles have been released recently, and the AAA title you’ve been waiting to add to your library may be slashed down. 

Valve has been busy with the Steam Deck for a while now, but it’s good to see them paying attention to their original platform. Steam Sales have become something of a tradition for PC gamers, with many answering the call even when they know they have a pile of games waiting to be played in their library. Even though we don’t know what to expect from this sale, we can expect quite a few people to add more games that they probably won’t start for a long, long time.   

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