Valheim Axes Getting Stronger but Bows are Going to be Nerfed and Slower

Valheim Axes Getting Stronger but Bows are Going to be Nerfed and Slower

The Valheim updates keep coming, and now we have a final development update before Iron Gate launches the Hearth & Home update on September 16th. This one is all about the weapon changes; axes will get better, and bows will be made a little less OP.

Two-handed axes will be getting a long-awaited set of buffs, and while they will remain slow weapons, their windup will be a bit faster. Their hits will also cleave through many more enemies on impact and cause a stronger stagger.

Combine this with their alternative knockback attack and the general combat changes, and Iron Gate hopes this will make the two-handed ax a viable weapon for more players.

Bows, on the other hand, are going to be taken down a notch. Gone are the days when you could expect to machine-gun arrows from your hands. Bows, at high levels, were potent weapons but needed perfect aim.

The update will fix this by adjusting the draw speed, so now, even those with maxed skills in bows will need to draw the string all the way back. To balance this, holding your bow drawn will consume stamina at a slower rate, making it easier for you to aim during battle.

Hearth & Home Spotlight: Weapon Tweaks
Hearth & Home Spotlight: Weapon Tweaks

We have been getting a steady stream of updates from Iron Gate regarding Hearth & Home. We already know that the food and dishes in Valheim have been reworked to have different buffs. A change not everyone is going to like but will have to tolerate unless you turn to mods, as everyone does.

Valheim Axes Getting Stronger But Bows Are Going To be Nerfed and Slower
Hearth And Home | Source: Steam

Iron Gate has stated that this weapon tweaks development update will be the last spotlight it releases for Hearth & Home before the September 16th release. But it is not going to be the last thing they release. What could this mean? Only time will tell.

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