Valheim Patch Adds Bolder Snakes and Restores 2 Bugged Events

Valheim Patch Adds Bolder Snakes and Restores 2 Bugged Events

Iron Gate’s latest patch for Valheim has added many minor fixes to the game, along with an unnoticed issue that stopped two in-game events from triggering as they should. Patch 0.154.1 has been called “one of our beloved fixer-upper patches. Besides fixing some bugs and minor issues, we found that some of our main random events never triggered as expected.”

These events are supposed to occur when you’re roaming the Viking uplands and most typically involve a bunch of monsters coming at the player for a fight. The two which were not being triggered are called ‘you are being hunted,’ and ‘the horde is attacking,’ the former being a pack of wolves in the mountains and the latter involving a fuling army attack. So, this adds some more things to fight and kill in Valheim.

Other notable fixes added to the game are the respawn timer on berries and flint, which weren’t re-appearing as frequently as they should. The snakes have also been made to be braver as “serpents no longer flee when low on health.”

Some players had also reported issues with their capes, saying that it creates a strange bulge or hunch shape when the player jumps. This leaves the player’s character looking like a hunchback. This has now been fixed, too, and Iron Gate says the cape will no longer “form strange bumps on the back after jumping.” Raised terrain has also been given some touching up and will now appear “more smooth and less pointy.”

Valheim Patch Adds Bolder Snakes & Restores 2 Bugged Events
Valheim Wolf | Source: Fandom

Some quality-of-life improvements have been added to the game. One of the more notable improvements would be making the game clearer about when the player has built a fermenter in the wrong place. The fermenter is essential for brewing mead but needs to be built indoors. Another fix added for the indoor environment is that “covered rocks should no longer look wet during rain.”

Valheim continues to get updates, big and small, and Iron Gate is also working on more expansion-based content.

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