New World Location Guide – Where and How to Find Petalcaps?

New World Location Guide – Where and How to Find Petalcaps?

Whether you are the one for crafting potions or not, you cannot turn a blind eye to Petalcaps in New World! Not only does this semi-rare resource helps in the brewing of a plethora of potions, elixirs, and tinctures, but it also helps you finish the Weakness of the Ego quest.

The mission requires you to collect Water x3, Petalcap x3, and Rivercress Stem x3. Water and Rivercress Stem aren’t a hard find. But when it comes to Petalcap, it’s a different story. Given a low spawning rate and abundance of greenery in New World, obtaining Petalcap can turn out to be a tedious task.

If you want to save time by learning where Petalcaps can be found, then this guide is just for you.

Where to Find Petalcaps in New World?

Before you start searching for Petalcaps, you must know what the plant that yields them looks like.

New World Location Guide – Where and How to Find Petalcaps?
Petalcaps in New World

Petalcaps are harvested from a sparkingly succulent-looking small plant called Fronded Petalcap. Moreover, this plant houses a thick stalk in the middle and large rounded leaves.

Now that we have ticked the appearance department, let’s get to the bottom of where Petalcaps can be found.

New World Location Guide – Where and How to Find Petalcaps?
Petalcaps Location in New World

Petalcaps can be found in grassland and wooden biomes of Windsward. If you find Windsward Town way too congested, feel free to head to its south or southwest areas as Fronded Petalcap also respawns there.

It must be kept in mind that players require a flint sickle at the bare minimum to harvest resources from this plant.

If you are wondering what harvesting level you need to be at to obtain Petalcaps, the answer is 1! So even those less skilled at harvesting can collect this essential resource.

How to Make Corruption Tinctures From Petalcaps in New World?

New World Location Guide – Where and How to Find Petalcaps?
Corruption Tinctures From Petalcaps in New World

A Corruption Tincture (Level Requirement 5) completely removes the Corruption Affliction and helps players procure minor resistance to it for a short time.

In order to craft a common Corruption Tincture in New World, players will have to mix Petalcaps with a water reagent. 

Once your gathering skill has crossed level 30, you can simply collect a water reagent like Rivercress from water bodies across Aeternum.

Uses of Petalcaps in New World

Petalcaps is very useful when it comes to the brewing of Earth Reagents.

Here is a list of everything that can be crafted with a Petalcap:

  • Common Corruption Tincture
  • Common Ancient Coating
  • Common Blight Tincture
  • Infused Nature Absorption Potion
  • Infused Beast Ward Potion
  • Infused Ancient Coating
  • Infused Focus Potion
  • Infused Health Potion
  • Powerful Nature Absorption Potion
  • Powerful Beast Ward Potion
  • Powerful Ancient Coating
  • Powerful Focus Potion
  • Powerful Health Potion
  • Strong Nature Absorption Potion
  • Strong Beast Ward Potion
  • Strong Ancient Coating
  • Strong Health Potion

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