Xbox Network Services Are Back on Their Feet After Severe Outage 

Xbox Network Services Are Back on Their Feet After Severe Outage 

The daily grind that weekdays require is exhausting, to say the least. Irrespective of our profession or age, one thing that unites humanity is the restless craving for weekends where in two mere days, we regain all the lost energy and live life to our heart’s content.  

Sadly, it wasn’t the case for those Xbox users who wanted to enjoy some weekend gaming, as the console’s services were brimming with issues. The problem was so severe that players could neither boot up games in offline mode nor access online features on their Xbox. 

Naturally, this brought the wrath of a massive mob of gamers upon Microsoft, and given how disgruntled it was, Xbox acknowledged the mess and promised to look into it via a Tweet immediately. 

After deploying a bunch of minor fixes, Xbox announced on May 8 that every console function was working correctly. All the issues that users faced when purchasing or launching games and using Xbox Cloud Gaming cease to exist. This means that nothing shall prevent gamers from diving into their favorite title from now on. 

The road to helping Xbox get back on its feet included focusing on one problem at a time. The first fix deployed lets users make purchases in the Microsoft Store, while the second fix that came eight hours later only managed to mitigate the Xbox Network problems partly.  

It took one more hour for the full resolution to come into existence, but ultimately, Microsoft had to work the night shift to turn this farce around. 

Xbox Network Services Are Back on Their Feet After Severe Outage
Microsoft and Xbox | Source: Xbox

A weekend is a gateway to prolonged gaming sessions, and no enthusiast would be happy to miss out on that. But with the world inclining toward the convenience of virtual, such hindrances are likely to occur, and all we can do is hope for technology to advance so that the future of gaming is free of it. 

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